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       list_config_entries  -  Lists  the  names  of all entries in a config section Allegro game
       programming library.


       #include <allegro.h>

       int list_config_entries(const char *section, const char ***names);


       This function can be used to get a list of all entries in the given  config  section.  The
       names  parameter  is a pointer to an array of strings. If it points to a NULL pointer, the
       list will be allocated, else it will be re-allocated. You should free the list again  with
       free_config_entries  if  you  don't  need  it  anymore,  or  you  can  pass  it  again  to
       list_config_entries and the memory will be re-used. See the following example for how  you
       can use it, it will print out the complete contents of the current configuration:

          int i, n;
          char const **sections = NULL;
          char const **entries = NULL;

          /* List all entries not in any section. */
          n = list_config_entries(NULL, &entries);
          for (i = 0; i
             printf(" %s=\"%s\"\n", entries[i], get_config_string(
                    NULL, entries[i], "-"));

          /* List all sections (and entries in them). */
          n = list_config_sections(&sections);
          /* loop through all section names */
          for (i = 0; i
             int j, m;
             printf("%s\n", sections[i]);
             m = list_config_entries(sections[i], &entries);
             /* loop through all entries in the section */
             for (j = 0; j
                 printf(" %s=\"%s\"\n", entries[j], get_config_string(
                    sections[i], entries[j], "-"));
          /* It is enough to free the arrays once at the end. */


       Returns the number of valid strings in the names array.


       set_config_file(3alleg4),    get_config_string(3alleg4),    list_config_sections(3alleg4),