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       nteventlog - Interface to Windows Event Log


       nteventlog provides a generic interface to the Windows event log. It is part of the OS_Mon
       application, see os_mon(7).  Available  for  Windows  versions  where  the  event  log  is
       available. That is, not for Windows 98 and some other older Windows versions, but for most
       (all?) newer Windows versions.

       This module is used as the Windows backend for os_sup, see os_sup(3erl).

       To retain backwards compatibility, this module can also be  used  to  start  a  standalone
       nteventlog  process which is not part of the OS_Mon supervision tree. When starting such a
       process, the user has to supply an identifier as well as a callback function to handle the

       The  identifier,  an  arbitrary string, should be reused whenever the same application (or
       node) wants to start the process. nteventlog  is  informed  about  all  events  that  have
       arrived  to  the  eventlog  since the last accepted message for the current identifier. As
       long as the same identifier is used,  the  same  eventlog  record  will  not  be  sent  to
       nteventlog  more  than  once  (with the exception of when graved system failures arise, in
       which case the last records written before the failure may be sent to Erlang  again  after

       If  the event log is configured to wrap around automatically, records that have arrived to
       the log and been overwritten when nteventlog was not running are lost. It however  detects
       this state and loses no records that are not overwritten.

       The callback function works as described in os_sup(3erl).


       start(Identifier, MFA) -> Result
       start_link(Identifier, MFA) -> Result


                 Identifier = string() | atom()
                 MFA = {Mod, Func, Args}
                  Mod = Func = atom()
                  Args = [term()]
                 Result = {ok, Pid} | {error, {already_started, Pid}}
                 Pid = pid()

              This  function  starts  the  standalone  nteventlog process and, if start_link/2 is
              used, links to it.

              Identifier is an identifier as described above.

              MFA is the supplied callback function. When nteventlog receives information about a
              new  event,  this  function  will be called as apply(Mod, Func, [Event|Args]) where
              Event is a tuple

       stop() -> stopped


                 Result = stopped

              Stops nteventlog. Usually only used during development. The server does not have to
              be shut down gracefully to maintain its state.


       os_mon(7), os_sup(3erl)

       Windows NT documentation