Provided by: libpcre2-dev_10.34-7_amd64 bug


       PCRE2 - Perl-compatible regular expressions (revised API)


       #include <pcre2.h>

       int pcre2_set_max_pattern_length(pcre2_compile_context *ccontext,
         PCRE2_SIZE value);


       This  function  sets, in a compile context, the maximum text length (in code units) of the
       pattern that can be compiled. The result is always zero. If a longer pattern is passed  to
       pcre2_compile()  there is an immediate error return. The default is effectively unlimited,
       being the largest value a PCRE2_SIZE variable can hold.

       There is a complete description of the PCRE2  native  API  in  the  pcre2api  page  and  a
       description of the POSIX API in the pcre2posix page.