Provided by: libpfm4-dev_4.10.1+git20-g7700f49-2_amd64 bug


       pfm_strerror - return constant string describing error code


       #include <perfmon/pfmlib.h>

       const char *pfm_strerror(int code);


       This  function returns a string which describes the libpfm error value in code. The string
       returned by the call is read-only.

       The function must only be used with libpfm  calls  documented  to  return  specific  error
       codes. The value -1 is not considered a specific error code.  Strings and pfm_pmu_t return
       values cannot be used with this function.  Typically NULL is returned in case of error for
       string values, and PFM_PMU_NONE is returned for pfm_pmu_t values.

       The function is also not designed to handle OS system call errors, i.e., errno values.


       The  function  returns  a  pointer  to  the constant string describing the error code. The
       string is in English. If code is invalid then a default error message is returned.


       If the error code is invalid, then the function returns a pointer to a string  which  says
       "unknown error code".


       Stephane Eranian <>

                                         September, 2009                                LIBPFM(3)