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       register_assert_handler  -  Registers  a  custom handler for assert failures. Allegro game
       programming library.


       #include <allegro.h>

       void register_assert_handler(int (*handler)(const char *msg));


       Supplies a custom handler function for dealing with assert failures. Your callback will be
       passed  a formatted error message in ASCII, and should return non-zero if it has processed
       the error, or zero to continue with the default actions. You  could  use  this  to  ignore
       assert  failures,  or  to  display  the  error  messages on a graphics mode screen without
       aborting the program.  You  can  call  this  function  even  when  Allegro  has  not  been
       initialised. Example:

          int show_but_continue(const char *text)
              alert("Uh oh...", "Fasten your seat belts.", text,
                    "&Go on!", NULL, 'g', 0);
              return 1;
             ASSERT(0); /* This won't crash the program now. */


       al_assert(3alleg4), ASSERT(3alleg4), register_trace_handler(3alleg4)