Provided by: libsystemd-dev_245.4-4ubuntu3_amd64 bug


       sd_bus_reply_method_error, sd_bus_reply_method_errorf, sd_bus_reply_method_errno,
       sd_bus_reply_method_errnof - Reply with an error to a method call


       #include <systemd/sd-bus.h>

       int sd_bus_reply_method_error(sd_bus_message *call, const sd_bus_error *e);

       int sd_bus_reply_method_errorf(sd_bus_message *call, const char *name, const char *format,

       int sd_bus_reply_method_errno(sd_bus_message *call, int error, const sd_bus_error *p);

       int sd_bus_reply_method_errnof(sd_bus_message *call, int error, const char *format, ...);


       The sd_bus_reply_method_error() function sends an error reply to the call message. The
       error structure e specifies the error to send, and is used as described in
       sd_bus_message_new_error(3). If no reply is expected to call, this function returns
       success without sending reply.

       The sd_bus_reply_method_errorf() is to sd_bus_reply_method_error() what
       sd_bus_message_new_method_errorf() is to sd_bus_message_new_method_error().

       The sd_bus_reply_method_errno() is to sd_bus_reply_method_error() what
       sd_bus_message_new_method_errno() is to sd_bus_message_new_method_error().

       The sd_bus_reply_method_errnof() is to sd_bus_reply_method_error() what
       sd_bus_message_new_method_errnof() is to sd_bus_message_new_method_error().


       These functions return 0 if the error reply was successfully sent or if none was expected,
       and a negative errno-style error code otherwise.

       Returned errors may indicate the following problems:

           The call message call is NULL.

           Message call is not a method call message.

           Message call is not attached to a bus.

           The error error parameter to sd_bus_reply_method_error is not set, see

           Message call has been sealed.

           The bus to which message call is attached is not connected.

           Memory allocation failed.

       In addition, any error message returned by sd_bus_send(1) may be returned.


       These APIs are implemented as a shared library, which can be compiled and linked to with
       the libsystemd pkg-config(1) file.


       systemd(1), sd-bus(3), sd_bus_message_new_method_error(3)