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       snmpa_notification_delivery_info_receiver -
           Behaviour module for the SNMP agent notification delivery
           information receiver.


       This module defines the behaviour of the notification delivery information receiver.

       A  snmpa_notification_delivery_info_receiver  compliant  module  must export the following

         * delivery_targets/3

         * delivery_info/4

       The semantics of them and their exact signatures are explained below.

       Legacy notification delivery information receiver modules used a target  argument  on  the
       form  {IpAddr, PortNumber} instead of {Domain, Addr}, and if the SNMP Agent is run without
       changing the configuration to use transport domains the notification delivery  information
       receiver will still get the old arguments and work as before.


       See the  data types in snmpa_conf.


       delivery_targets(Tag, Targets, Extra) -> void()


                 Tag = term()
                 Targets = [Target]
                 Target = {transportDomain(), transportAddressWithPort()
                 Extra = term()

              Inform about target addresses.

              This  is  the first function called when a notification delivery is in progress. It
              informs the receiver which targets will get the notification.  The  result  of  the
              delivery  will  be  provided  via successive calls to delivery_info/4 function, see

       delivery_info(Tag, Target, DeliveryResult, Extra) -> void()


                 Tag = term()
                 Targets = [Target]
                 Target = {transportDomain(), transportAddressWithPort()
                 DeliveryResult = delivery_result()
                 delivery_result() = no_response | got_response
                 Extra = term()

              Inform about delivery result.

              This  function  is  called  for  each  target  in  the  Targets  argument  of   the
              delivery_targets/3 function, see above.

              The  purpose  is  to  inform  the  receiver  of the result of the delivery (was the
              notification acknowledged or not) for each target.

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