Provided by: libvformat-dev_1.13-10build1_amd64 bug


       vf_find_prop_qual_index - vf_find_prop_qual_index()


       #include <../vformat/vf_iface.h>

       extern bool_t vf_find_prop_qual_index
            VF_PROP_T *p_prop,
            uint32_t *p_qualifier_index,
            uint32_t *p_found_value_index,
            const char **pp_possible_values,
            const char *p_token,
            vf_search_flags_t match


       VF_PROP_T *p_prop
              The property we're querying.

       uint32_t *p_qualifier_index
              Ptr to output name index.

       uint32_t *p_found_value_index
              Ptr to output index in array.

       const char **pp_possible_values
              Array of possible values.

       const char *p_token
              Token searched for.

       vf_search_flags_t match
              String comparison flags.


       Locate  property qualifier given either an array of possible values or a single token that
       is either present or absent.  For example if we have a property:


       Then there are two possible searches.

       Firstly we can look for the property qualifier which can take  values  from  the  array  {
       "FIRST",  "SECOND",  THIRD"  } in which case the array is passed as pp_possible_values and
       the function returns with the values *p_found_value_index=2, p_qualifier_index=1

       Secondly we can look for the token with value "TIME" in  which  case  p_token  is  set  to
       "TIME" and the function returns *p_qualifier_index=2.


       TRUE iff found, FALSE else.


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