Provided by: libvformat-dev_1.13-10build1_amd64 bug


       vf_parse_init - vf_parse_init()


       #include <../vformat/vf_iface.h>

       extern bool_t vf_parse_init
            VF_PARSER_T **pp_parser,
            VF_OBJECT_T **pp_object


       VF_PARSER_T **pp_parser
              Ptr to allocated parser.

       VF_OBJECT_T **pp_object
              The object we're parsing into.


       Allocate  and  initialise  a parser.  To parse a VCARD (or any vObject) a user allocates a
       parser, pushes data through it using vf_parse_text() and finally calls vf_parse_end():

       VF_PARSER_T *p_parser;

       if (vf_parse_init(&p_parser, pp_object)) { do { char buffer[...]; Int numchars;

       numchars = get_chars_from_somewhere(buffer, ...);

       Ret = vf_parse_text(p_parser, buffer, numchars); } while (ret && (0 < charsread)) ;

       if (!vf_parse_end(p_parser)) { ret = FALSE; } }

       A parser allocated by vf_parse_init(),  must  be  deallocated  by  calling  vf_parse_end()
       whether or not parsing succeeds. Also, parsing may not be complete (ie. Values may be held
       buffered and not evaluated fully or assigned to a VF_OBJECT_T) untill the  final  call  to
       vf_parse_end() => after a vf_parse_init() you _must_ vf_parse_end().


       TRUE iff parser allocated successfully.


       vf_parse_text(3),        vf_parse_end(3),        vf_read_file(3),        vf_write_file(3),
       vf_get_next_object(3),  vf_create_object(3),  vf_get_object_type(3),   vf_get_property(3),
       vf_get_property_ex(3),            vf_get_next_property(3),           vf_get_prop_value(3),
       vf_set_prop_value(3),       vf_get_prop_value_string(3),       vf_get_prop_name_string(3),
       vf_set_prop_name_string(3),        vf_get_prop_name(3),       vf_get_prop_value_object(3),
       vf_set_prop_value_object(3),   vf_set_prop_value_string(3),   vf_set_prop_value_base64(3),
       vf_get_prop_value_base64(3),       vf_set_property_from_file(3),      vf_delete_object(3),
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