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       #include <wayland-server.h>

   Public Member Functions
       const char * wl_resource_get_class (struct wl_resource *resource)
       struct wl_resource * wl_resource_create (struct wl_client *client, const struct
           wl_interface *interface, int version, uint32_t id)

   Data Fields
       struct wl_object object
       wl_resource_destroy_func_t destroy
       struct wl_list link
       struct wl_signal deprecated_destroy_signal
       struct wl_client * client
       void * data
       int version
       wl_dispatcher_func_t dispatcher
       struct wl_priv_signal destroy_signal
       struct wl_signal destroy_signal

Member Function Documentation

   struct wl_resource * wl_resource_create (struct wl_client * client, const struct wl_interface
       * interface, int version, uint32_t id)
       Create a new resource object

           client The client owner of the new resource.
           interface The interface of the new resource.
           version The version of the new resource.
           id The id of the new resource. If 0, an available id will be used.

       Listeners added with wl_client_add_resource_created_listener will be notified at the end
       of this function.

   const char * wl_resource_get_class (struct wl_resource * resource)
       Retrieve the interface name (class) of a resource object.

           resource The resource object

Field Documentation

   struct wl_client * wl_resource::client
   void * wl_resource::data
   struct wl_signal wl_resource::deprecated_destroy_signal
   wl_resource_destroy_func_t wl_resource::destroy
   struct wl_signal wl_resource::destroy_signal
   struct wl_priv_signal wl_resource::destroy_signal
   wl_dispatcher_func_t wl_resource::dispatcher
   struct wl_list wl_resource::link
   struct wl_object wl_resource::object
   int wl_resource::version


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