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       wl_signal - A source of a type of observable event.


       #include <wayland-server-core.h>

   Public Member Functions
       static void wl_signal_init (struct wl_signal *signal)
       static void wl_signal_add (struct wl_signal *signal, struct wl_listener *listener)
       static struct wl_listener * wl_signal_get (struct wl_signal *signal, wl_notify_func_t
       static void wl_signal_emit (struct wl_signal *signal, void *data)

   Data Fields
       struct wl_list listener_list

Detailed Description

       A source of a type of observable event.

       Signals are recognized points where significant events can be observed. Compositors as
       well as the server can provide signals. Observers are wl_listener's that are added through
       wl_signal_add. Signals are emitted using wl_signal_emit, which will invoke all listeners
       until that listener is removed by wl_list_remove() (or whenever the signal is destroyed).

       See also
           wl_listener for more information on using wl_signal

Member Function Documentation

   static void wl_signal_add (struct wl_signal * signal, struct wl_listener * listener) [inline]
       Add the specified listener to this signal.

           signal The signal that will emit events to the listener
           listener The listener to add

   static void wl_signal_emit (struct wl_signal * signal, void * data) [inline]
       Emits this signal, notifying all registered listeners.

           signal The signal object that will emit the signal
           data The data that will be emitted with the signal

   static struct wl_listener * wl_signal_get (struct wl_signal * signal, wl_notify_func_t notify)
       Gets the listener struct for the specified callback.

           signal The signal that contains the specified listener
           notify The listener that is the target of this search

           the list item that corresponds to the specified listener, or NULL if none was found

   static void wl_signal_init (struct wl_signal * signal) [inline]
       Initialize a new wl_signal for use.

           signal The signal that will be initialized

Field Documentation

   struct wl_list wl_signal::listener_list


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