Provided by: calibre_4.99.4+dfsg+really4.12.0-1_all bug


       calibre-debug - calibre-debug

          calibre-debug [選項]

       Various  command  line  interfaces  useful  for  debugging  calibre. With no options, this
       command starts an embedded Python interpreter. You can also run the main calibre GUI,  the
       calibre viewer and the calibre editor in debug mode.

       It  also contains interfaces to various bits of calibre that do not have dedicated command
       line tools, such as font subsetting, the e-book diff tool and so on.

       You can also use calibre-debug to run standalone scripts. To do that use it like this:
          calibre-debug -- --option1 --option2 file1 file2 ...

       Everything after the -- is passed to the script.

       Whenever you pass arguments to  calibre-debug  that  have  spaces  in  them,  enclose  the
       arguments in quotation marks. For example: "/some path/with spaces"


              藉由指定包含外掛代碼的 py 檔案路徑,來加入簡單外掛(即只由一個 .py 檔案組成的外掛)

       --command, -c
              執行 Python 程式碼

       --debug-device-driver, -d

              從 Windows 預設程式註冊 / 註銷 calibre。 --default-programs = (register|unregister)

       --diff 執行calibre diff工具。例如: calibre-debug --diff file1 file2

       --edit-book, -t

       --exec-file, -e
              執行存有 Python 程式碼的檔案

       --explode-book, -x
              Explode  the  book  into  the  specified  directory. Usage: -x file.epub output_dir
              Exports the book as a collection of HTML files and metadata,  which  you  can  edit
              using standard HTML editing tools. Works with EPUB, AZW3, HTMLZ and DOCX files.

              Export  all  calibre data (books/settings/plugins). Normally, you will be asked for
              the export dir and the libraries to export. You can also specify  them  as  command
              line  arguments  to skip the questions. Use absolute paths for the export directory
              and libraries. The special keyword "all" can be used to export all libraries.

       --gui, -g
              開啟偵錯模式介面。Debug將輸出至 stdout 與 stderr 。


       --help, -h

       --implode-book, -i
              Implode a previously exploded book. Usage: -i output_dir file.epub Imports the book
              from the files in output_dir which must have been created by  a  previous  call  to
              --explode-book. Be sure to specify the same file type as was used when exploding.


       --inspect-mobi, -m
              查看指定目錄的 MOBI 檔案

              設定 calibre 環境時輸出路徑是必需的

              將指定路徑的calibre  SQLite 資料庫重新初始化,這對資料庫損毀有所幫助。

       --run-plugin, -r
              執行一個提供命令行介面的外掛。例如:   calibre-debug   -r   "Add  Books"  --  file1
              --option1-- 後方的內容將被當作參數傳遞給外掛。

       --shutdown-running-calibre, -s
              原因是有執行中的                                                            calibre

       --subset-font, -f



       --viewer, -w


       Kovid Goyal


       Kovid Goyal