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        xbl - X Window block dropping game in 3 Dimension


        xbl   [-display display:0.0]  [-geometry geometrystring]  [-scoregeome‐
        try geometrystring] [-zoogeometry geometrystring] [-menugeometry geome‐
        trystring]    [-help]    [-verbose]    [-colormap]    [-visual]   [-bw]
        [-buffer 0...5]  [-font font]  [-bigfont font]  [-buttonheight -1...16]
        [-color 0...6]   [-speedtest]   [-clearline 0...1]  [-linewidth 0...16]
        [-time_to_demo 1...999]  [-sync]  [-stat]   [-keytable String]   [-key‐
        board 0...4]   [-zoo]  [-score]  [-draw 0 or 2]  [-x 3...8]  [-y 3...8]
        [-z 6...18] [-smooth] [-training] [-shownext]  [-level 0...10]  [-bloc‐
        type 0...2] [-land 0...2] [-volume 0...10] [-eyedistance -1...1]


        Xbl  is  a  game involving dropping blocks like Xtetris but in 3 dimen‐
        sions.  As they drop you can move them with numeric  key  pad  (if  you
        have),  cursor  key  or  rotate  other  3 axis in 2 directions (6 other
        keys).  Space key for dropping quickly and ’p’ key for pause.  All  the
        possible keys are displayed in menu window.
        Points  are  scored  for each block that comes to rest on the gradually
        building up pile of blocks.  When the  pile  reaches  the  top  of  the
        screen and no further blocks can be dropped the game ends. When a stage
        of blocks across the 3D matrix is  completely  filled,  that  stage  is
        removed  and all the blocks above are dropped down.  As more stages are
        deleted the blocks fall faster.
        There is one high score table by size of matrix and pieces types.
        For your information, another 3D tetris exists, its name is spatial.  A
        sphere  packing  game  also exists; its name is spheral.  For these two
        games, contact Andrew  Plotkin  (  )  or  you  can
        retrieve the file threedee.tar.Z somewhere in the world...
        An enhanced HTML version of this manual is in our computer (in the same
        directory than scores).  If you can’t find it, use the  networked  ver‐


        The next options can only be set when the game starts.
        -display hostname:0.0
               Gives the display name.
        -geometry geometry_string
        -scoregeometry geometry_string
        -zoogeometry geometry_string
        -menugeometry geometry_string
               Gives the geometry of the play, score, zoo and menu window.
        -help  Displays the options, possible values and current values.
               Displays various things for debugging.
               Creates its own colormap even if unnecessary.
               On  screen  with multiple visual, it search the best one to use.
               In this case it does not use the default visual.
        -bw    Displays in black and white even on color display.
        -buffer 0...5
               Chooses the buffering method for animation.   Each  method  uses
               resources.   Speed  of  buffering  method is hardware dependent.
               Perfect methods are 2,1 and 3, choose the fast one.
        -font font_name
               Chooses font for menus, score window...
        -bigfont font_name
               Chooses a big font for menu (the score and high score)
        -buttonheight -1...16
               The height of 3D buttons.  If your display  is  slow  use  small
               button.  The -1 choice is half the height of the font.
        -color 0...6
               Background color for menu window.
        -sync  Uses X Synchronise. Only for debugging.
        -clearline 0...1
               If 0, clears line with rectangle filling; otherwise with a black
               line.  It’s useful with some X servers that don’t draw the  same
               segment with the same pixels. Another method to avoid this prob‐
               lem is to use a linewidth equal to 1, though in this case  draw‐
               ing is slower.
        -linewidth 0...16
               Thickness of the moving block lines.
        -fps 1...100
               Number  of frames by second.  If it is set too high, the display
               might be jumpy.  If set to 0, the game runs at maximum speed.
        -time_to_demo 1...999
               Number of seconds before the automatic demonstration.
               This option helps you to find the fastest buffering mode.
        -stat  Statistics on launched blocks, they are displayed at the end  of
               the game.
        -keytable keys_list
               A 19 characters list in the order (D=Down L=Left R=Right U=Up) :
               Rotations:   RX+,RX-,RY+,RY-,RZ+,RZ-
               Others:        LaunchBloc   CancelGame   SuspendGame    QuitGame
               Don’t forgot ’ if there are special characters.
        Next options can be changed while game is running.
        -keyboard 0...5
               This switch chooses keyboard type :
               0:Use key table, given by -keytable
               SPATIAL is the set of keys of the other 3D tetris : spatial
        -zoo   Displays the zoo (all possible pieces) when game starts.
        -score Displays the score table when game starts.
        -draw 0 or 2
               Draw  mode. 0 for wire frame piece and 2 for transparent pieces.
               On slow host, 0 is necessary.
        -x  3...8  -y  3...8  -z  6...18"
               World size : width, height, depth.
               Starts game with smooth drawing.
               In this mode, pieces don’t fall.  By  the  way  scores  are  not
               Next piece is shown.  By the way score are multiplied by 0.7
        -level 0...10
               Level  0  is  slow,  10  is unplayable.  This option chooses the
               starting game level.  Level game increases during game.
        -bloctype 0...2
               0 : Only flat pieces.
               1 : Some 3D pieces.
               2 : All possible pieces with less or equal than 5 cubes.
        -land 0...2
               0 : Small land (3x3x15)
               1 : Big land (5x5x10)
               2 : User land (as defined by options)
        -eyedistance -1...1
               If not 0 the game is with real 3D. But you need to cross-eye (or
               the  opposite). The value is positive if your right eye look the
               left image et the left eye look the right one.  Indicate a nega‐
               tive value to swap the two images.


               Directory  which contains the score tables and COPYING file (FSF
               Defaults for Xbl, this file only contains  a  data:  the  option
               line for Xbl.
               xbl*args: -x 5 -y 5 -z 10 -level 0 \
                         -bloctype 2 -land 0 \
                         -draw 2 -smooth -buffer -1 \
                         -keyboard 4 \
                         -keytable      14789632azqswx ^[p^C0     
               Xbl will search his options in this variable, you can put :
               XBLOPTIONS=     -smooth -draw 0      export XBLOPTIONS
               in your .profile or .login file.


        If  sometime a block fall multiple level at once it indicates that your
        fps is set too high.
        SOUND isn’t correct on some X server, no possible correction.
        FLICKING DISPLAY on some X server that doesn’t handle XSync  correctly.
        You can turn around using : -buffer 2
        DIRTY POINT on screen because some X servers don’t draw the same pixels
        for the same segment. You can turn  around  using  :  -clearline  0  or
        -linewidth 1
        FOCUS  WINDOW  doesn’t work with OpenWin, so put the cursor in the game
        DEMO mode seems to cheat (blocs going through other blocs)  but  it  is
        because  the visualization show a direct way (it sums all the transfor‐
        mations up).  In fact, the real way could use very complex and tortuous
        indirect path.
        X(1) xrdb(1)

AUTHORS  and  I  thank all the people who
        gave me ideas, help, bugs :   (Thomas Chaboud)              (Jamie Zawinski)    (Mike Hojnowski)   (Leung Chung Shing Anderson)
        lemke@lupine.uucp          (Dave Lemke)
        And many others.
        Blockout is a registered trademark of Kadon Enterprises, Inc., used  by
                                26 November 2001                         XBL(6)