Provided by: kdeaddons-kfile-plugins_3.5.9-0ubuntu1_i386 bug


       lnkforward - open an URL in a Windows .lnk file under KDE


       lnkforward [ generic-options ] [ --map drive=path ... ] URL


       lnkforward examines a Windows .lnk file, determines its target and then
       opens this target file.  In deciding how to open the target  file,  the
       usual KDE file associations will be used.

       The given URL must include a protocol.  Specifically, if it is simply a
       file  on  the  local  filesystem,  it  must  be  given  in   the   form

       Drive  mappings  must  be  supplied  (via  --map) for any Windows drive
       referred to in the .lnk  file.   See  the  OPTIONS  section  below  for

       This  utility  is  used  by  the  .lnk kfile plugin, and is part of the
       official KDE add-ons module.


       Below are the lnkforward-specific  options.   For  a  full  summary  of
       options, run lnkforward --help.

       --map drive=path
              Map  the  given  Windows  drive  to  the given path on the local
              filesystem (generally its mount  point).   This  option  may  be
              passed multiple times.


       Suppose   that   the  Windows  file  c:\readme.txt.lnk  is  a  link  to
       d:\foo\bar.txt.   Then  the  following  command  will  open  the   file
       /mnt/data/foo/bar.txt in the usual KDE text editor:

              prompt$   lnkforward   --map  c=/mnt/windows  --map  d=/mnt/data


       This utility was written by Martin Koller <>.
       This manual page was prepared by Ben Burton  <>  for  the
       Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).

                               October 23, 2004                  LNKFORWARD(1)