Provided by: juice_0.03pbuild1_i386 bug


       descript.ion - juice(1) track description file


       The  descript.ion  file  is  a  4dos-like description file. It contains
       information about the files in which directory it resides.

       Please note that this description file is a superset of the traditional
       4dos  description file and therefore not entirely backwards compatible.
       If you need backwards compatibility, please omit the header information
       (i.e. everything above and including the ‘‘---’’ line)

       At  the  top of the file is a line containing the name of the album and
       (optionally) the artist. The line takes the format of "Artist :  Album"
       if both the artist and album is specified, "Album" if only the album is
       specified. The entire line can be omitted in which case only the  track
       information  will be displayed (if available). After the header, a line
       of dashes (‘‘-’’) should follow to indicate the start of the tracks.

       Every track  is  simply  the  filename  of  the  track  followed  by  a
       description.  All  tabs  and  spaces found between the filename and the
       first character in the description is ignored.


       Here is an example of the "No doubt" cd, "Tragic Kingdom".

              No Doubt : Tragic Kingdom

              01.mp3 Spiderwebs
              02.mp3 Excuse Me Mr
              03.mp3 Just A Girl
              04.mp3 Happy Now?
              05.mp3 Different People
              06.mp3 Hey You
              07.mp3 The Climb
              08.mp3 Sixteen
              09.mp3 Sunday Morning
              10.mp3 Don’t Speak
              11.mp3 You Can Do It
              12.mp3 World Go ’Round
              13.mp3 End It On This
              14.mp3 Tragic Kingdom


       juice(1), juice.conf(5), mpg123(1)


       Written by Abraham vd Merwe <>