Provided by: prestimel_1.0-3.2build2_i386 bug


       prestimelrc is the configuration-file for PresTiMeL


       After  starting  prestimel(1),  all parameters will be initialized with
       hard-coded default values.  These default values may be overridden with
       the  values  defined  in the configuration-file .prestimelrc located in
       your home directory, or by  a  configuration-file  specified  with  the
       commandline option -c.


       # some comments
              Empty lines and lines beginning with a ’#’ will be ignored.

       path-to-themes = themepath
              Set the path where PresTiMeL will search for themes.

       theme = theme
              Set the theme that should be used for the presentations.

       disable-xml-settings = yes|no
              If  set  to  yes,  the  settings  stored in the XML-file will be
              ignored.  If this option is omitted or set to no,  the  settings
              in  the XML-file are enabled.  Note, that these XML-settings may
              override the settings of the configuration-file.

       resolution = resolution
              Sets the resolution for the HTML-slides.   Possible  values  are
              640x480, 800x600 and 1024x768.

       sloppy-buttons = yes|no
              If  set  to yes, the buttons will be placed below the content of
              the slide rather than at a fixed position.  If  this  option  is
              omitted  or  set  to  no,  the buttons will be placed at a fixed
              position at the bottom of your browser-window.

       top-navigation = yes|no
              If set to yes, the navigation-buttons will be placed on the  top
              of the slides.

       print-outline = yes|no
              If  set  to  yes,  the  LaTeX-output  will use the documentclass
              "article" rather than "seminar".


       An example for prestimelrc can be found in the  PresTiMeL-distribution.
       It can be used as a basis for your own configuration-files.


       Bernhard     Trummer     <>    Benjamin    Drieu