Provided by: retchmail_1.1_i386 bug


       retchmail.conf - RetchMail configuration file


       When   retchmail   starts,   it  first  loads  its  configuration  from
       $HOME/.retchmail/retchmail.conf, which contains basic information about
       all  of the various accounts and servers that you want to download your
       mail from, and deliver your mail to.

       The configuration file $HOME/.retchmail/retchmail.conf  is  in  Windows
       "ini"  file format, with sections named in square brackets and a number
       of variable = value pairs within each section.

       Here is a sample configuration file:

       [POP Servers] = password
       [POP Targets] = localuser

       The sample  configuration  file  above  contains  all  of  the  options
       necessary   to   run  retchmail  to  automatically  deliver  mail  from to localuser.  when retchmail is invoked.

       If you want retchmail to use SSL to encrypt all of the traffic  between
       it  and  your  POP  server, then it’s as easy as adding :995 to the POP
       Servers account name as follows:

       [POP Servers] = password
       [POP Targets] = localuser

       If you wish to have retchmail use a mail  delivery  agent  (MDA)  other
       then  sendmail  to  deliver  your  mail you may also add a MDA Override
       option to your config file as follows:

       [POP Servers] = password
       [MDA Override] = qmail




       Retchmail  was  originally  written  by  Avery  Pennarun  and   Patrick
       Patterson. Many people have later contributed to it.