Provided by: freeradius_1.1.7-1build4_i386 bug


       rlm_unix - FreeRADIUS Module


       The  rlm_unix module allows authentication against the system password,
       shadow, and group files.  It also provides FreeRADIUS an interface into
       a  radwtmp  file  (used  by  "radlast")  when  added  to the accounting

       The  rlm_unix  module  provides  the  functionality  for  "Auth-Type  =
       System", rather than "Auth-Type = Unix".  The "System" name is used for
       historical reasons.

       The main configuration items to be aware of are:

       cache  This is a ’yes’ or ’no’ option.  If set to yes, FreeRADIUS  will
              read  the system files into memory, rather than perform a system
              call to lookup the information.  On *BSD systems, you should set
              this  value  to  no.  On other systems, if you have a very large
              passwd and shadow files, you can try setting this to yes,  which
              may increase the servers performance.  The default is no.

              This  is  the  number  of seconds to wait between refreshing the
              cached files from the system.   It  has  no  effect  unless  you
              enable caching.

       passwd The  path  to  the system passwd file.  Usually /etc/passwd.  If
              commented  out,  or  not  set,  the  server  will  retrieve  the
              information via systemcalls.

       shadow The  path to the system shadow file.  Usually /etc/shadow.  This
              is not set by default.

       group  The path to the system group file.  Usually /etc/group.  This is
              not set by default.

              The  path  to  the  system  wtmp file to be used for keeping the
              database of online users as read by the ’radlast’ program.

              This is a ’yes’ or ’no’ option.  If set to ’yes’ this allows the
              Group attribute to be used as a check item.  Default is ’no’.


       modules {
         unix {
           cache = no
           cache_reload = 600
           #passwd = /etc/passwd
           #shadow = /etc/shadow
           #group = /etc/group
           usegroup = no
           radwtmp = ${logdir}/radwtmp


       authentication, accounting




       radiusd(8), radiusd.conf(5), radlast(1)


       Chris Parker,

                                5 February 2004                    rlm_unix(5)