Provided by: smbget_0.6-1_i386 bug


       smbgetrc - configuration file for smbget


       This manual page documents the format and options of the smbgetrc file.
       This file consists of key-value pairs, one pair on each line.  The  key
       and value should be seperated by a space.


       The following keys can be set:

       resume on|off
              Whether aborted downloads should be automatically resumed.

       recursive on|off
              Whether directories should be downloaded recursively

       username <name>
              Username  to  use  when  logging in to the remote server. Use an
              empty string for anonymous access.

       password <pass>
              Password to use when logging in.

       workgroup <wg>
              Workgroup to use when logging in

       noprompt on|off
              Turns off asking for username and password. Useful for  scripts.

       debuglevel <int>
              (Samba)  debuglevel to run at. Useful for tracking down protocol
              level problems.

       dots on|off
              Whether a single dot should be printed for each block  that  has
              been downloaded, instead of the default progress indicator.

       blocksize <int>
              Number of bytes to put in a block.




       Jelmer Vernooij <>