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       conqoper - Conquest Operator (CO) program.


       conqoper [OPTIONS]...


       conqoper  is  a  program used to monitor and configure a conquest game.
       It is a curses based application that must be run on the same host your
       server  is  running  on.   It allows suitably privileged individuals to
       view and modify various characteristics of the game, as well as perform
       common administrative tasks.

       In  order  to  run conqoper, you must be a member of the conquest group
       (in /etc/groups), or you must be the root user.

       conqoper supports a few non-interactive options listed below.  When any
       of  these  options  are  specified, conqoper will perform the requested
       action and exit.  When no options are specified, conqoper will  run  in
       an interactive mode.


       -C      Rebuild the system wide conquestrc file.

       -D      Disable  the game.  Clients that connect, will be told that the
               game is closed after they have authenticated to the server.  If
               the  authenticating  user  is marked with the ’Play when closed
               flag’, that user will be allowed into the game anyway.  You can
               edit  these flags by selecting (e)dit user at the conqoper main

       -E      Enable the game.

       -I <what>
               Initialize what where what is: e - everything, g -  game,  l  -
               lockwords,  m - messages, p - planets, r - robots, s - ships, u
               - universe, and z - zero out everything.   Note,  when  zeroing
               out  everything,  the common block cannot be used to play.  You
               must still initialize everything (and enable the game).

       When either the universe or everything is initialized, the game will be
       set to disabled by default.  You must manually enable the game from the
       conqoper main menu, or by using the -E option.


       Jon Trulson


       conquest(6),  conquestd(6),  conqoper(6),  conqdriv(6),  conquestsh(6),

       See README in the conquest distribution (usually installed in <conquest
       install prefix>/etc/) for information and tips on how to play.

       See INSTALL for instructions on unpacking,  compiling,  and  installing
       conquest,  as  well  as  information  on terminfo requirements (for the
       curses client) and other system specific issues.

       See README.cygwin for information  on  building/using  conquest  on  MS
       Windows systems.

       See HISTORY for the latest news and modification history.

       See  CONQINIT.TXT  for  information  on  CQI,  and  the  format  of the
       conqinitrc and texturesrc files.


       Copyright (C)1994-2006  by  Jon  Trulson  <>  under  the
       ARTISTIC License.

       Original VAX/VMS Ratfor Conquest:

       Copyright (C)1983-1986 by Jef Poskanzer and Craig Leres.  Permission to
       use, copy, modify, and distribute this software and  its  documentation
       for  any  purpose and without fee is hereby granted, provided that this
       copyright  notice  appear  in  all  copies  and   in   all   supporting
       documentation.  Jef  Poskanzer  and Craig Leres make no representations
       about the suitability of this software for any purpose. It is  provided
       "as is" without express or implied warranty.