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       freecell - A console implementation of the solitaire game Freecell


       freecell [options] [game-number]


       This  is freecell, a console (ncurses) version of the popular solitaire


       -s, --suites=ABCD
              Configures four characters as suite symbols.

       -h, --help
              Display usage information.

       -V, --version
              Display version information.


       In this game, playing cards are illustrated using a number  (the  value
       of  the  card) followed by a suite symbol. By default, these characters
       will be:

            s    Spades
            h    Hearts
            c    Clubs
            d    Diamonds

       You may configure freecell to use other characters, using the  --suites


       The  aim  of  the  game  is to move all cards to the foundations in the
       upper right corner.

       You may only move one card at a time. The foundations accept  cards  of
       increasing  value  within  each  suite (you may place 2d on top of 1d).
       The columns accept cards of falling value, different  colour  (you  may
       place  2d  on  either 3s or 3c).  The four free cells in the upper left
       corner will accept any cards, but at most one card per cell.  An  empty
       column will also accept any card.

       To  move  a card, type the name of the column (a-h) or cell (w-z) which
       contains the card, followed by the name  of  the  destination  cell  or
       column.  Press  the  enter key for the destination in order to move the
       card to one of the foundation piles. As a  convenience,  you  may  also
       move  a card to an unspecified free cell, by substituting the space bar
       for the destination.

       While you may only move one card at a time, you can use free cells  and
       empty  columns as temporary buffers. That way, it is possible to move a
       range of cards from one column to another, as long as they are  already
       in  an acceptable order. The program can do this automatically for you:
       Prefix your command with the number of cards to  move,  e.g.  3ab  will
       move  3  cards  from  column a to column b and requires 2 free cells or
       empty columns.

       When it is deemed safe to do so, cards will automatically be  moved  to
       the foundation piles.

       Almost  every  game is solvable, but the level of difficulty can vary a

       Good luck, and dont get too addicted!



       Modern freecell was invented by Paul Alfille in 1978.
       This implementation of freecell  was  written  from  scratch  by  Linus
       Akesson <> in 2007.