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       Lustre - a high-performance cluster file system


       A high-performance file system designed for clusters.


       Lustre®  is  a  high-performance,  massively-scalable,  POSIX-compliant
       network file system designed for the world’s  largest  high-performance
       compute  clusters.  Lustre  is  under  active  development from Cluster
       FileSystems (

       Lustre  filesystems  are  made  up  of   multiple   servers   typically
       distributed  across  multiple  nodes.  Lustre clients can contact these
       server nodes over multiple high-speed network  fabrics  via  LNET,  the
       Lustre  NETworking  system.   Clients  then present the filesystem at a
       mount point.

       A filesystem is comprised of a MDT  ,  MetaData  Target,  which  stores
       directory  and  file  meta-information,  and  a series of OSTs , Object
       Storage Targets, which hold the file data.  There is  typically  not  a
       1:1  mapping  of  a  file  on disk and what is presented as a file on a
       Lustre client.

       Lustre and LNET are implemented as a series of kernel modules, for both
       servers  and  clients.  LNET  networks are defined in the modprobe.conf
       file on all nodes.  Lustre and LNET make extensive use of  /proc  files
       for making system data available, for example

              to show the local LNET Network Interfaces.

              to show locally running Lustre objects.


              Format  a  physical  disk  for  use as a Lustre server’s backend
              storage (aka target).

              Modify configuration information on a Lustre target disk.

              A helper program for mount(8) that  starts  Lustre  servers  and

              A low-level interface to control various aspects of Lustre

       lfs(1) A  user-level  interface  to control Lustre-specific information
              for individual  files.   lustre_config  Format  multiple  Lustre
              targets simultaneously from definitions in a CSV file.


       Please report all bugs to Cluster FileSystems,


       The Lustre(7) filesystem package is available from CFS


       mkfs.lustre(8), tunefs.lustre(8), mount.lustre(8), lctl(8), lfs(1)