Provided by: pulseaudio_0.9.10-1ubuntu1_i386 bug


       pulseaudio - manual page for pulseaudio 0.9.5


       pulseaudio [options]

       -h, --help
              Show this help

              Show version

              Dump default configuration

              Dump list of available modules

       -k  --kill
              Kill a running daemon

              Check for a running daemon

              Run as system-wide instance

       -D, --daemonize[=BOOL]
              Daemonize after startup

              Quit when startup fails

              Try to set high process priority (only available as root)

              Disallow module loading after startup

              Terminate the daemon when idle and this time passed

              Unload autoloaded modules when idle and this time passed

              Unload autoloaded samples when idle and this time passed

              Increase or set verbosity level

       -v     Increase the verbosity level

       --log-target={auto,syslog,stderr} Specify the log target

       -p, --dl-search-path=PATH
              Set the search path for dynamic shared objects (plugins)

              Use     the     specified     resampling    method    (one    of
              src-sinc-medium-quality,  src-sinc-best-quality,src-sinc-fastest

              Create a PID file

              Do not install CPU load limiter on platforms that support it.

              Disable shared memory support.

       -L, --load="MODULE ARGUMENTS"
              Load the specified plugin module with the specified argument

       -F, --file=FILENAME
              Run the specified script

       -C     Open a command line on the running TTY after startup

       -n     Don’t load default script file