Provided by: readpst_0.5.2-1_i386 bug


       readpst  -  convert  PST  (MS  Outlook  Personal Folders) files to mbox


       readpst [options] files...


       This manual page documents briefly the readpst command.

       readpst is a program that can read an Outlook  PST  (Personal  Folders)
       file  and  convert it into an mbox file, a format suitable for KMail, a
       recursive mbox structure, or seperate emails.


       A summary of options is included below.

       -b     Do not save the attachments for the  RTF  format  of  the  email

       -c[lv] Set the Contact output mode. Use -cv for vcard format or -cl for
              an email list.

       -d     Specify name of debug log file. Defaults to  "readpst.log".  The
              log  file  isnĀ“t  an ascii file, it is a binary file readable by

       -h     Show summary of options and exit.

       -k     Changes the output format to KMail.

       -o     Specifies the  output  directory.  The  directory  must  already
              exist,  and  is entered after the PST file is opened, but before
              any processing of files commences.

       -q     Changes to silent mode. No feedback is printed  to  the  screen,
              except for error messages.

       -r     Changes the output format to Recursive. This will create folders
              as named in the PST file, and will put  all  emails  in  a  file
              called   "mbox"   inside  each  folder.  These  files  are  then
              compatible with all mbox-compatible email clients.

       -S     Output messages into seperate files. This will create folders as
              named  in the PST file, and will put each email in its own file.
              These files  will  be  numbered  from  000000000  increasing  in
              intervals  of  1  (ie  000000000,  000000001,  0000000002).  Any
              attachments are saved alongside each email as 000000000-attach0,
              or with the name of the attachment if one is present.

       -V     Show version of program and exit.

       -w     Overwrite  any previous output files. Beware: When used with the
              -S switch, this will remove all files  from  the  target  folder
              before  writing.  This  is  to  keep  the  count  of  emails and
              attachments correct.




       This manual page was written by Dave Smith <>,  and
       updated  by  Joe  Nahmias  <>  for  the Debian GNU/Linux
       system (but may be used by others).

                               December 10, 2006                    READPST(1)