Provided by: sm_0.9-1_i386 bug


       sm - Displays a short text fullscreen


       sm [text|-]


       Screen Message  will  display  a  given  multi-line message as large as
       possible, fullscreen and black on  white.  You  can  specify  the  text
       either when launching sm, or edit it while the program is running.

       To clear the displayed text, press Escape.

       To quit the program, press Ctrl-Q or press the button.


       [text] Text to display at start up. Defaults to ":-)". If "-" is passed
              to sm, it will read the text to display from stdin.


       This  manual  page  was  written  by  Joachim  Breitner  <mail@joachim->.

                                 June 14, 2007                           SM(1)