Provided by: festival_1.96~beta-7ubuntu1_i386 bug


       text2wave - convert text to .wav files


       text2wave [options] < text > sound.wav


       This  script  is  part  of the festival text-to-speech system.  It is a
       wrapper for festival’s Scheme code for easy usage in TTS scripts.


       -mode  string
              Explicit tts mode.

       -o     ofile
              File to save waveform to.
              The default is stdout.

       -otype string
              Output waveform type: alaw, ulaw, snd, aiff, riff, nist etc.
              The default is riff.

       -f     integer
              Output frequency.

       -scale float
              Volume factor.

       -eval  string
              File or lisp s-expression to be evaluated before synthesis.


       More than you can imagine.

       A manual with  much  detail  (though  not  complete)  is  available  in
       distributed as part of the system and is also accessible at

       Although  we  cannot  guarantee the time required to fix bugs, we would
       appreciated it if they were reported to


       Alan W Black, Richard Caley and Paul Taylor
       (C) Centre for Speech Technology Research, 1996-1998
       University of Edinburgh
       80 South Bridge
       Edinburgh EH1 1HN

                                 6th Apr 1998                     TEXT2WAVE(1)