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     isp - Qlogic based SCSI and FibreChannel SCSI Host Adapters


     To compile this driver into the kernel, place the following lines in your
     kernel configuration file:

           device scbus
           device isp

     Alternatively, to load the driver as a module at boot time, place the
     following line in loader.conf(5):



     This driver provides access to SCSI or FibreChannel devices.

     SCSI features include support for Ultra SCSI and wide mode transactions
     for SCSI, Ultra2 LVD (for the ISP1080 and ISP1280), and Ultra3 LVD (for
     the ISP12160).

     Fibre Channel support uses FCP SCSI profile for FibreChannel.  and
     utilizes Class 3 and Class 2 connections (Qlogic 2100 is Class 3 only,
     minor patches to the Qlogic 2200 to force Class 2 mode).  Support is
     available for Public and Private loops, and for point-to-point
     connections (Qlogic 2200 only).  The newer 2-Gigabit cards (2300, 2312)
     are also supported.  Command tagging is supported for all (in fact,
     FibreChannel requires tagging).  Fabric support is enabled by default
     (but may be contingent upon the correct firmware being loaded).


     Firmware is available if the ispfw(4) module is loaded during bootstrap

     It is very strongly recommended that you use the firmware available from
     ispfw(4) as it is the most likely to have been tested with this driver.


     Cards supported by the isp driver include:

                   SBus Fast Wide, Ultra Fast Wide cards, Single Ended or
                   Differential cards.

                   Qlogic 1020 Fast Wide and Differential Fast Wide PCI cards.

                   Qlogic 1040 Ultra Wide and Differential Ultra Wide PCI
                   cards.  Also known as the DEC KZPBA-CA (single ended) and
                   KZPBA-CB (HVD differential).

           Qlogic 1240
                   Qlogic 1240 Dual Bus Ultra Wide and Differential Ultra Wide
                   PCI cards.

           Qlogic 1020
                   Qlogic 1020 SCSI cards.

           Qlogic 1040
                   Qlogic 1040 Ultra SCSI cards.

           Qlogic 1080
                   Qlogic 1280 LVD Ultra2 Wide PCI cards.

           Qlogic 1280
                   Qlogic 1280 Dual Bus LVD Ultra2 Wide PCI cards.

           Qlogic 12160
                   Qlogic 12160 Dual Bus LVD Ultra3 Wide PCI cards.

           Qlogic 210X
                   Qlogic 2100 and 2100A Copper and Optical Fibre Channel
                   Arbitrated Loop (single, dual).

           Qlogic 220X
                   Qlogic 2200 Copper and Optical Fibre Channel Arbitrated
                   Loop PCI cards (single, dual, quad).

           Qlogic 2300
                   Qlogic 2300 Optical Fibre Channel PCI cards.

           Qlogic 2312
                   Qlogic 2312 Optical Fibre Channel PCI cards.

           Qlogic 234X
                   Qlogic 234X Optical Fibre Channel PCI cards (2312 chipset,
                   single and dual attach).

           Qlogic 2322
                   Qlogic 2322 Optical Fibre Channel PCI cards.

           Qlogic 200
                   Dell Branded version of the QLogic 2312 Fibre Channel PCI


     Target mode support may be enabled with the

     options ISP_TARGET_MODE



     The following options are switchable by setting values in

     They are:

             A hint value to disable driver in kernel.

             A hint value to disable loading of firmware ispfw(4).

             A hint value to use PCI Memory space instead of I/O space access

             A hint value to use PCI I/O space instead of Memory space access

             A hint value to ignore board NVRAM settings for. Otherwise use
             NVRAM settings.

             A hint value to set full duplex mode.

             A hint value to select topology of connection. Supported values

             lport (Prefer loopback and fallback to point to point).

             nport (Prefer point to point and fallback to loopback).

             lport-only (Loopback only).

             nport-only (Point to point only).

             This should be the full 64 bit World Wide Port Name you would
             like to use, overriding the value in NVRAM for the card.

             This should be the full 64 bit World Wide Node Name you would
             like to use, overriding the value in NVRAM for the card.

             A hint to override or set the Initiator ID (principally for SPI

             A hint to define default role for isp instance (target,
             initiator, both).

             A hint value for a driver debug level (values from 0 through 7).
             Default is 0.


     da(4), intro(4), ispfw(4), sa(4), scsi(4)


     The isp driver was written by Matthew Jacob for NASA/Ames Research


     The driver currently ignores some NVRAM settings.

     The driver currently does not do error recovery for timed out commands
     very gracefully.

     Target mode support is not completely debugged yet.  It works reasonably
     well for Fibre Channel, somewhat well for Qlogic 1040 cards, but does not
     yet work for the other cards (due to last minute unannounced changes in
     firmware interfaces).

     Sometimes, when booting, the driver gets stuck waiting for the Fibre
     Channel f/w to tell it that the loop port database is ready, or waiting
     for a good loop to be seen (this does not yet support booting without
     being connected to a fibre channel device).  To unwedge the system,
     unplug and replug the fibre channel connection, or otherwise cause a LIP
     (Loop Initialization Primitive sequence)- this will kick the f/w into
     getting unstuck.

     QLogic 2322 support is limited to platforms where the BIOS can enable
     firmware as there is no code yet to do the 3 stage loading for 2322