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     ums - USB mouse driver


     device ums


     The ums driver provides support for mice that attach to the USB port.
     Supported are mice with any number of buttons and mice with a wheel.  usb
     and one of uhci or ohci must be configured in the kernel as well.

     The /dev/ums device presents the mouse as a sysmouse or mousesystems type
     device.  See moused for an explanation of these mouse types.


     /dev/ums0  blocking device node


           device ums

     Add the ums driver to the kernel.

           moused -p /dev/ums0 -t auto

     Use the first USB mouse on the system as your console mouse.

     Change the "Pointer" section in xorg.conf to the following

           Device /dev/ums0
           Protocol Auto

     to be able to use the USB mouse under X.  When using the XiG accelerated
     X server, change the mouse device to /dev/ums0 and the mouse type to

     If you want to be able to use the mouse in both virtual consoles as well
     as in X change it to:

           Device /dev/sysmouse
           Protocol Auto


     ohci(4), sysmouse(4), uhci(4), usb(4), xorg.conf(5), moused(8)


     The ums driver was written by Lennart Augustsson
     〈〉 for NetBSD and was adopted for FreeBSD by
     MAEKAWA Masahide 〈〉.

     This manual page was written by Nick Hibma 〈〉 with
     input from Kazutaka YOKOTA 〈〉.