Provided by: shorewall-common_4.0.6-1_all bug


       actions - Shorewall action declaration file




       This  file  allows  you  to  define  new  ACTIONS for use in rules (see
       shorewall-rules(5) 〈shorewall-rules.html〉 ). You  define  the  iptables
       rules  to  be  performed  in an ACTION in /etc/shorewall/action.action-

       ACTION names should begin with an upper-case letter to distinguish them
       from   Shorewall-generated   chain   names   and  they  must  meet  the
       requirements of a Netfilter chain. If you intend to log from the action
       then  the  name  must  be no longer than 11 characters in length. Names
       must also meet the requirements for a  Bourne  Shell  identifier  (must
       begin  with  a letter and be composed of letters, digits and underscore



SEE ALSO,     shorewall-accounting(5),      shorewall-blacklist(5),
       shorewall-hosts(5),     shorewall-interfaces(5),    shorewall-ipsec(5),
       shorewall-maclist(5), shorewall-masq(5),  shorewall-nat(5),  shorewall-
       netmap(5),    shorewall-params(5),    shorewall-policy(5),   shorewall-
       providers(5),     shorewall-proxyarp(5),     shorewall-route_routes(5),
       shorewall-routestopped(5),    shorewall-rules(5),    shorewall.conf(5),
       shorewall-tcclasses(5),  shorewall-tcdevices(5),  shorewall-tcrules(5),
       shorewall-tos(5), shorewall-tunnels(5), shorewall-zones(5)

                               23 November 2007           shorewall-actions(5)