Provided by: vzctl_3.0.22-5ubuntu1_i386 bug


       vz - global OpenVZ configuration file




       This  is global configuration file for OpenVZ.  It consists of lines in
       the form


       All parameter names and values are case-sensitive.  Quotes  surrounding
       value   are  required  if  value  contains  spaces,  and  are  optional
       otherwise. Extra spaces are not allowed. All unrecognized lines will be

   Global parameters
              This   parameter   can  be  set  to  yes  or  no,  and  used  by
              /etc/init.d/vz script. In case it is not  set  to  yes,  nothing
              will be done to boot up OpenVZ on this node.

              Set the directory to put lock files to.

              Value of this parameter sets cpuunits for VE0.

              Enables or disables logging. This parameter can be set to yes or
              no, default is yes.

              Set location of log file, default is /var/log/vzctl.log.

              Set the logging level. The more number is, the more  information
              will be logged.

              Set the output verbosity. Default is 0.

              If the value of this parameter is set to yes, no attempt to load
              OpenVZ kernel modules is made in vz initscript. This is  helpful
              on  systems  which  have OpenVZ-specific stuff compiled into the
              kernel (i. e. not as modules).

   Disk quota parameters
              In case the value of this parameter is set to no, all disk quota
              operations are disabled.

              This  parameter  is used by /etc/init.d/vz start script. In case
              the value of this parameter is set to yes, VE  with  incorrectly
              shutdown  quota  state started without quota check and after all
              VEs started marked VEs restarted.

   Network interface parameters
              This parameter  specifies  the  network  device  name  which  ip
              address will used for source ip. If on HN configured > 1 network
              interfaces and needed to specify  the  source  ip  address,  set
              corresponding  device.  By  default  takes  the first in network
              device list.

              Controls on which interfaces to add/remove ARP records for a  VE
              IP,  also which interfaces to use to query/announce ARP. If this
              is set to detect, the right network interface (the one which  is
              in the same subnet as a VE IP) will be chosen automatically. Any
              other value restores old (as of vzctl 3.0.19 or older) behavior,
              when all the possible interfaces were used.

              Value  of this parameter is a directory in which all VE template
              data are stored.

   Defaults for VE
       Below  parameters  are  defaults  for  VE,  and  gets  overwritten   by
       parameters in vps.conf(5) VE configuration file.

              Value of this parameter is the directory which serves as VE root
              mount  point.  Value  must  contain  string   $VEID,   it   gets
              substituted with actual numeric VE ID.

              Value  of this parameter is the directory in which all the files
              and directories specific to  that  VE  are  stored.  Value  must
              contain string $VEID, it gets substituted with actual numeric VE

              Specified  default  configuration   file   on   create   action,
              corresponds to --config option

       Any   other   parameter  that  appears  in  per-PE  configuration  file
       vps.conf(5) can be also set here. Still,  it  is  recommended  to  keep
       TEMPLATE,  VE_PRIVATE  and VE_ROOT in this configuration files, and all
       the other VE-related parameters in per-VE configuration files.


       vzctl(8), vps.conf(5).


       Copyright (C) 2000-2007, SWsoft. Licensed under GNU GPL.