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       weatherrc - configuration file format for the weather(1) utility


       The  weatherrc  file  format  is intended to specify a set of macros by
       which to group a METAR station ID for current conditions  data  with  a
       city/state   combination   for  a  forecast,  but  many  of  the  other
       command-line options and flags for the weather utility can be specified
       as  well. The file is organized as an INI-format config, with the alias
       name in  []  brackets  and  the  associated  parameter/value  pairs  on
       following  lines.  Parameters  and  their values as separated by = or :
       characters.  Multi-word values do not need quoting.


       These parameters are supported...

       city   the city name (ex: Raleigh Durham)

              include a local forecast (possible values are False and True  or
              0 and 1)

       id     the METAR station ID (ex: KRDU)

              output current conditions (possible values are False and True or
              0 and 1)

       st     the state abbreviation (ex: NC)

              show full decoded feeds (possible values are False and True or 0
              and 1)


       Following  is  an example ~/.weatherrc defining the default settings to
       be used when running the utility  with  no  aliases  specified,  and  a
       couple definitions for aliases named home and work...

              City = Asheville
              Forecast = True
              ID = KAVL
              St = NC

              City = Raleigh Durham
              ID = KRDU
              St = NC

              City = Greensboro
              ID = KGSO
              St = NC




       Specification and manual written by Jeremy Stanley <>.

                                March 26, 2006                    WEATHERRC(5)