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       BlackJack - A multiple deck, casino rules blackjack game.


       blackjack [options]


       This  manual  page  documents  briefly  the blackjack command. For more
       information, please refer to the GNOME help for BlackJack

       BlackJack is a multiple deck, casino rules blackjack game.  The  object
       of  the  game  is to hold cards having a higher count than those of the
       dealer without going over 21.  It is part of the gnome-games package.


       BlackJack accepts the following options, besides the  usual  Gtk+/GNOME

       -v, --variation=NAME
              Blackjack rule set to use


       This text is taken verbatim from the BlackJack Manual V2.8.

       To Set the Wager

              To  increase  the wager for the hand, double click on the player
              chip, located along the lower edge of the playing area, that you
              wish to add to your wager.

              Or, drag the desired chip onto your wager stack, located next to
              your hand.

       To Deal a New Hand

              A new hand can be dealt when the table is clear or when play has
              finished on the current hands.

              To deal a new hand on a clear table, click in the white outlines
              that indicate the dealer or player positions.

              To deal a new hand after play has finished on the current hands,
              click once on any of the cards on the table.

       To Add a Card to a Hand (Hit)

              You  may add cards to a hand until the hand total is 21 or over.

              To add a card to a player’s hand, click once on any card in  the

       To Stop Taking Cards (Stand)

              You  may stop taking cards at any time after the first two cards
              have been dealt.

              To stop adding cards to a hand, click once on  any  other  hand.
              For  example,  when  there  is only one player position (ie. you
              have not split a pair), click on the  dealer’s  hand  to  stand.
              When  you  have  split a pair, you may stand on the first player
              hand by clicking on the second player hand, or the dealer  hand.

       To Double Down

              To  double  down,  double click on any of the player chips after
              the first two cards have been dealt.

       To Split Pairs

              To split a pair, drag the top card of the hand  off  the  player
              position and drop on any empty space on the table.

       To Surrender

              Not yet implemented.

       Get a hint

              At  any time you may ask the game for a hint.  To do this either
              click on the Hint button on the toolbar, or choose the Game/Hint
              menu item.

       Keyboard control

              Most  of  the  operations  in  the  game  can be controlled from
              keyboard input:

              ENTER  Deal new hand

              H      Hit / Add card

              S      Stand / Finish hand

              D      Double down

              P      Split hand

              R      Surrender hand



       This    manual    page    was     written     by     Martin     Ferrari
       <>,  for  the Debian system (but may be used by
       others).  Blackjack was written by William Jon McCann <>.
       You  can find more information about BlackJack in /usr/share/doc/gnome-