Provided by: corewars_0.9.13-1build1_i386 bug


       corewars, corewars-cmd - play corewars


       corewars [standard X options]
       corewars-cmd [command line options] files...


       Core  Wars is a simulation game. A number of programs are loaded into a
       virtual machine and executed. The programs can  to  crash  each  other,
       manipulate other programs, overwrite as much memory as they can, etc...
       The "best" program is selected according to a scoring  mechanism  which
       involves  the  number  of memory cells the program has overwritten, the
       number of other programs it has crashed and whether/when it crashed.
       Two different languages are supported. The one called Corewars is  easy
       to  learn and described in the README file. The second language, called
       Redcode, is harder to learn but also more powerful.


       Use corewars-cmd --help  to  get  a  list  of  supported  command  line


       This  manual  page was written by Michael Vogt <>, for the
       Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).  It  was  extended
       by Walter hofmann <>.

                                April  12, 2000                    COREWARS(6)