Provided by: doom-package_15_all bug


       make-wad-package - build a .deb from a doom IWAD


       make-wad-package wadfile


       Doom   requires   both   a   doom-engine   and   doom   data  to  play.
       make-wad-package converts the IWAD file from your CD-ROM (or elsewhere)
       into a debian package which you can then install.
       The  resulting  package  satisfies  the  doom-wad  package  dependency,
       allowing you to install a doom-engine.


       Copyright © 2006 Jon Dowland <>.
       Thanks  to  Branden  Robinson  for  his   ‘Write   the   Fine   Manual’
       〈〉 presentation.
       make-wad-package is part of doom-package.

                                  2006-10-01               make-wad-package(6)