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       Vega Strike - Trade, Fight and Explore the Universe




       vegastrike [-ddata_dir] [-px,y,z] [-jsector/starsystem] missionname

       The  recommended  way  to  run Vega Strike is to first run vsinstall to
       configure your system, then invoke the vegastrike executable and  begin
       a New Game.


       vsinstall   program   sets   up  the  default  save  game,  copies  the
       vegastrike.config file to a  user’s  ~/.vegastrike.4.x  directory   and
       runs vssetup from the proper directory.

       vslauncher  program  allows  the  user to select a mission to run, then
       executes vegastrike When a user has selected a save game to use via the
       New Game or Load Game buttons.  A user may autorecover an autosave file
       by clicking on the Recover Auto Save button,  and  selecting  the  save
       game  to  recover to, which will launch vegastrike and recover the save
       game.  Save games must be saved at a base or planet.

       vegastrike program begins Vega Strike with  the  selected  XML  mission
       file (full path necessary) and the save game appearing as the only text
       in ~/.vegastrike.4.x/save.txt


       run the vsinstall program to set up your specific config options,  then
       invoke vslauncher

       Read the readme.txt file in
       /usr/share/doc/vegastrike or in color at    to    learn   the
       keybindings and walk through a tutorial.
       More information can be  obtained  from  the  Vega  Strike  website  at


              specifies  /my/data/dir  as the path for finding the vega strike
              data. Default is /usr/local/share/vegastrike/data

              Forces the player’s starting location to be at x= 1024, y= 2405,

              Forces  the player to start in the troy system in gemini sector.

              Specifies  a  mission  for  vegastrike  to  run.    Default   is


       Vega     Strike      expects      a      configuration      file      (
       (~/.vegastrike.4.x/vegastrike.config) ), which is modified by vsinstall
       A  simple  illustration  of  how  to  adjust  vegastrike.config and the
       associated keybindings and options is in the readme.txt included in the
       documentation and also in the player tutorial listed above.


       vegastrike  is  available  thanks to the work of many developers. For a
       listing     of     the     authors,     please     see     the     file    in    the   top-level
       directory of the source distribution.


       vegastrike can be distributed under the terms of  the  X11  license.  A
       copy  of  the license is in the file LICENSE in the top-level directory
       of the source distribution.


       Bug  reports  and  successes  may  be   posted   to   the   forums   at  If  you  want  to post a bug
       report, please tell us which mission you ran, copy the last  few  lines
       of  stdout and stderr, and describe the bug in detail, and what lead up
       to it.  It would be most helpful if  you  included  a  stack  trace  by
       compiling running vegastrike from the source distro.

       For  problems  and suggestions with this manpage, please send a note to
       Daniel Horn <>.


       The most recent public version  of  vegastrike  can  be  obtained  from

       The  latest  snapshot  of  the  code  may  be  obtained  via  CVS.  For
       information     on     how     to     do     this,      please      see

       Vega  Strike  Celestia,  the vegastrike development headquarters, is at  This website contains a great deal
       of information about vegastrike.

       The  vegastrike  mailing list is
       It is used for discussion of various vegastrike end user  aspects/help.

       For further information about vegastrike development, you might want to
       subscribe  to  the  vegastrike  "vegastrike-devel",   "vegastrike-user"
       mailing lists at


              The vegastrike engine.
              The Setup utility.
              The vegastrike save game and mission selection utility
              Internal installer program
              The vegastrike data files
              User-specific configuration file
              Directory containing user specific data managed by vegastrike.

SEE ALSO /usr/share/doc/vegastrike