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       Bobcat - Overview of classes in the Bobcat library


       The  classes  of  the  Bobcat  library  may  be  used  after  including
       bobcat/classname in sources.

       All classes and other elements are defined in the  FBB  namespace.  For
       some  classes  manipulators are available, which are defined in the FBB
       namespace. An overview of all manipulators defined in the FBB namespace
       is provided by man -e bobcat manipulators.

       The following classes are available:

       FBB::Align: Specifies Table column and element alignments.
       (Manpage: man -e bobcat align)

       FBB::Arg:  Interfaces  the  command line arguments, allowing for short-
       and long options. The class is implemented as a Singleton.
       (Manpage: man -e bobcat arg)

       FBB::AutoPtr: A template class  implementing  the  std::auto_ptr  class
       accepting  a  pointer to an array of elements as well as a pointer to a
       single data element. FBB::AutoPtr objects can also be  used  in,  e.g.,
       (Manpage: man -e bobcat autoptr)

       FBB::A2x:  Ascii-to-x  conversions  of  any type supporting extractions
       from i[string]stream objects.  (Manpage: man -e bobcat a2x)

       FBB::ClientSocket: a socket for tcp-communication with a server.
       (Manpage: man -e bobcat clientsocket)

       FBB::CmdFinder: Command-function associations.
       (Manpage: man -e bobcat cmdfinder)

       FBB::CmdFinderBase: Base class for CmdFinder.
       (Manpage: man -e bobcat cmdfinderbase)

       FBB::ConfigFile: Processing standard configuration files.
       (Manpage: man -e bobcat configfile)

       FBB::DateTime: Manipulations with date and time values.
       (Manpage: man -e bobcat datetime)

       FBB::Errno: Defines objects which may be thrown as an exception.
       (Manpage: man -e bobcat errno)

       FBB::Fork: Defines fork(2) as  part  of  a  Template  Algorithm  Design
       (Manpage: man -e bobcat fork)

       FBB::GetHostent: Obtains hostent struct from hostname or -address.
       (Manpage: man -e bobcat gethostent)

       FBB::Glob: Obtain a list of files matching a certain pattern.
       (Manpage: man -e bobcat glob)

       FBB::Hostname:  Derived  from Hostent, allows the initialization from a
       std::string, or from an FBB::InetAddrress.
       (Manpage: man -e bobcat hostname)

       FBB::IFdStream: stream extracting information from a device whose  file
       descriptor is available.
       (Manpage: man -e bobcat ifdstream)

       FBB::IFdStreambuf:   Input   stream   buffer   initialized  by  a  file
       (Manpage: man -e bobcat ifdstreambuf)

       FBB::Indent: Class and manipulators performing text indentation.
       (Manpage: man -e bobcat indent)

       FBB::InetAddress:  Base  class  (no  public  constructor)  for  objects
       representing an internet address as used with sockets. Contains address
       and portnumbers.
       (Manpage: man -e bobcat inetaddress)

       FBB::IOStream: class combining std::istream and std::ostream  features.
       (Manpage: man -e bobcat iostream)

       FBB::IOStreambuf: std::streambuf specialization allowing combined input
       and output operations.
       (Manpage: man -e bobcat iostreambuf)

       FBB::IRandStream: stream to extract random numbers from.
       (Manpage: man -e bobcat irandstream)

       FBB::FnWrap1: Configurable wrapper function object template class to be
       used with generic algorithms.
       (Manpage: man -e bobcat fnwrap1)

       FBB::FnWrap1c:  Configurable  unary  wrapper  function  object template
       class using context information to be used with generic algorithms.
       (Manpage: man -e bobcat fnwrap1c)

       FBB::FnWrap2: Configurable  binary  wrapper  function  object  template
       class to be used with generic algorithms.
       (Manpage: man -e bobcat fnwrap2)

       FBB::FnWrap2c:  Configurable  binary  wrapper  function object template
       class using context information to be used with generic algorithms.
       (Manpage: man -e bobcat fnwrap2c)

       FBB::Hash...: Various template classes implementing mapping  containers
       using hashing.
       (Manpage: man -e bobcat hash)

       FBB::Hostent: Wrapper around the hostent struct.
       (Manpage: man -e bobcat hostent)

       FBB::level: Manipulator setting the log-level of FBB::Log objects.
       (Manpage: man -e bobcat level)

       FBB::LocalClientSocket: a Unix domain socket for tcp-communication with
       a Unix domain (local) server.
       (Manpage: man -e bobcat localclientsocket)

       FBB::LocalServerSocket: defines a Unix domain socket to  which  clients
       on the local host can connect.
       (Manpage: man -e bobcat localserversocket)

       FBB::LocalSocketBase:    Base    class    for   LocalClientSocket   and
       (Manpage: man -e bobcat localsocketbase)

       FBB::Log: std::ostream handling log messages.
       (Manpage: man -e bobcat log)

       FBB::LogBuffer: std::streambuf handling log messages.
       (Manpage: man -e bobcat logbuffer)

       FBB::MailHeaders: extracts mail headers from SMTP-email.
       (Manpage: man -e bobcat mailheaders))

       FBB::Milter: interfaces the sendmail mail filter facilities.
       (Manpage: man -e bobcat milter)

       FBB::Msg: Offers static member function and manipulators which  may  be
       used for various types of messages.
       (Manpage: man -e bobcat msg)

       FBB::MultiStreambuf:    std::streambuf    specializations    performing
       insertions to multiple std::ostream objects.
       (Manpage: man -e bobcat multistreambuf)

       FBB::OFdStream: stream inserting information into a device  whose  file
       descriptor is available.
       (Manpage: man -e bobcat ofdstream)

       FBB::OFdStreambuf:   Output   stream   buffer  initialized  by  a  file
       (Manpage: man -e bobcat ofdstreambuf)

       FBB::OneKey: Single keystroke input, not requiring ‘Return’.
       (Manpage: man -e bobcat onekey)

       FBB::Pattern: Performs regular expression pattern matching.
       (Manpage: man -e bobcat pattern)

       FBB::Pipe: Defines a system level pipe.
       (Manpage: man -e bobcat pipe)

       FBB::Process: Runs child processes, defining pipes between parents  and
       child processes.
       (Manpage: man -e bobcat process)

       FBB::Randbuffer: implements a streambuf generating random numbers.
       (Manpage: man -e bobcat randbuffer)

       FBB::Redirector: Defines system level file redirection.
       (Manpage: man -e bobcat redirector)

       FBB::RefCount: Base class implementing reference counting.
       (Manpage: man -e bobcat refcount)

       FBB::Selector: Offers timed delays and multiple file I/O.
       (Manpage: man -e bobcat selector)

       FBB::ServerSocket: defines a socket to which clients can connect.
       (Manpage: man -e bobcat serversocket)

       FBB::SocketBase: Base class for ClientSocket and ServerSocket.
       (Manpage: man -e bobcat socketbase)

       FBB::Stat: Determines file characteristics.
       (Manpage: man -e bobcat stat)

       FBB::String: Offers extended std::string functionality.
       (Manpage: man -e bobcat string)

       FBB::Syslogbuf: streambuf to Buffer generating syslog(3) messages.
       (Manpage: man -e bobcat syslogbuf)

       FBB::SyslogStream:   stream   to   Output  stream  inserting  syslog(3)
       (Manpage: man -e bobcat syslogbuf)

       FBB::Table: Display tables row- or column-wise.
       (Manpage: man -e bobcat table)

       FBB::TableSupport: Support class for the class Table.
       (Manpage: man -e bobcat tablesupport)

       FBB::User: Determines the current user’s parameters from /etc/passwd.
       (Manpage: man -e bobcat user)

       FBB::Xpointer: sets and retrieves the X-windows pointer.
       (Manpage: man -e bobcat xpointer)

       FBB::X2a: x-to-Ascii conversions of any type supporting insertions into
       o[string]stream objects.
       (Manpage: man -e bobcat x2a)


       o      /usr/include/bobcat/<classname>:

       o      /usr/lib/libbobcat.*:
              (shared, static libraries)


       The  individual  bobcat/<class> header files, with man-pages accessible
       using man -e bobcat class (all lowercase names)


       No Reported Bugs.


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       o      libbobcat1-dev_1.17.0-x_i386.deb:  debian  package  holding  the
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       o public archive location;


       Bobcat is an acronym of ‘Brokken’s Own Base Classes And Templates’.


       This  is  free software, distributed under the terms of the GNU General
       Public License (GPL).


       Frank B. Brokken (