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       DBMix - Digital Audio Mixing System


       dbcat [options]
       dbfsd [options]
       dbin [options]


       The  DBMix  system is able to combine sound from various sources into a
       single audio stream.  Think of it as a virtual DJ mixing desk.   Mixing
       uses  a  Fourier  synthesis  algorithm to maintain sound quality in the
       output stream.

       The dbfsd daemon serves as DBMix’s backend--that’s where  most  of  the
       real  synthesis  work  is  done.   Several  clients  allow  to  connect
       different audio sources to the backend.  First, there’s a DBMix  output
       plugin  for  XMMS.   Several  XMMS  clients  can be connected to dbfsd,
       provided Allow multiple instances is selected  in  XMMS’s  preferences.
       Second,  dbin links line-in, or microphone input from the sound card to
       DBMix.   And  finally,  there’s  dbcat,  a  pretty  generic  tool  that
       redirects its standard input to a dbfsd channel.

       Actual  DJ  work  is  done  using the graphical frontend dbmixer.  When
       mixing between multiple XMMS client, dbplaylist might  come  in  handy.
       It provides a unified playlist for all the clients and partly serves as
       a remote control.

       For an in-depth description of each application, see its respective man


       dbcat(1), dbfsd(1), dbin(1), dbmixer(1), dbplaylist(1), xmms(1).


       This  manual page was written by Daniel Kobras <>, for
       the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).

                                August 8, 2002                        DBMIX(7)