Provided by: approx_3.0.0_i386 bug


       gc_approx - garbage-collect the cache of Debian archive files


       gc_approx [OPTION]...


       gc_approx scans the cache created by approx(8) and finds files that are
       corrupted or no longer needed.  With no options specified, these  files
       are listed on standard output and removed from the cache.

       A corrupted file is one whose size or checksum does not match the value
       specified in the Packages or Sources file.

       An unneeded file is one that is not referenced from any  distribution’s
       Packages or Sources file.

       gc_approx may take several minutes to finish.


       -f, --fast
              Don’t perform checksum validation.

       -k, --keep, -s, --simulate
              Don’t remove files from the cache.

       -q, --quiet
              Don’t print file names.

       -v, --verbose
              Indicate  the  reason  for  removal  of  each file with a prefix
              character: `=´ for incorrect size, `!´ for  incorrect  checksum,
              blank for unneeded.


       To remove all unneeded or corrupted files from the cache:

              gc_approx --quiet

       This is run as a weekly cron(8) job.

       To  list  the  files  that  would  be  removed  from the cache, without
       actually doing so:

              gc_approx --keep


              Configuration file for approx and related programs.

              Cache directory for archive files.


       approx.conf(5), approx(8), update_approx(8), cron(8)


       Eric Cooper <>

                                 November 2007                    GC_APPROX(8)