Provided by: po-debconf_1.0.10_all bug

       debconf-gettextize õ trẪch ra tỏẲp tin PO bỏẲÊn dỏằch cỏằĐa mỏẲôu

       debconf-gettextize [-v] [-h] [--podir=TH_MC] [--choices] [--merge]
       ch [ch ...]

       CẪĂc tỏẲp tin /var/lib/dpkg/info/*.templates Ấặ̀ỏằÊc debconf Ấỏằc thẪơ
       chỏằâa cỏẲÊ vẤn bỏẲÊn tiỏẲẴng Anh lỏẲôn bỏẲÊn dỏằch Ấỏằu trong cẪạng
       tỏẲp tin. Tuy nhiẪên, trong gẪ́i mẪÊ nguỏằn cẪĂc bỏẲÊn dỏằch Ấặ̀ỏằÊc
       quỏẲÊn lẪẵ trong tỏẲp tin riẪêng Ấỏằ giẪẲp ngặ̀ỏằi dỏằch. Trong bỏẲÊn
       thỏằ̉c hiỏằn ẤỏẲĐu tiẪên, mỏằt tỏẲp tin templates chỏằĐ chỏằ chỏằâa vẤn
       bỏẲÊn tiỏẲẴng Anh, cẪ̃n tỏẲp tin templates.xx chỏằâa cẪĂc chuỏằi cỏẲÊ
       hai gỏằc vẪ  Ấặ̀ỏằÊc dỏằch cho ngẬ̃n ngỏằẰ xx.  Chặ̀ặĂng trẪơnh
       debconf-mergetemplate ẤẪÊ trỏằn cẪĂc tỏẲp tin mỏẲôu chỏằĐ vẪ  Ấặ̀ỏằÊc

       BỏẲÊn thỏằ̉c hiỏằn mỏằi vỏằi "po-debconf" dỏằ̉a vẪ o "gettext". NhẪ
       duy trẪơ ẤẪĂnh dỏẲƠu mỏằi trặ̀ỏằng cẪ́ thỏằ dỏằch Ấặ̀ỏằÊc bỏẲ̉ng cẪĂch
       thẪêm dỏẲƠu gỏẲĂch dặ̀ỏằi vẪ o trặ̀ỏằc; cẪĂc chuỏằi tiỏẲẴng Anh Ấặ̀ỏằÊc
       trẪch tỏằ̉ Ấỏằng ra mỏằt tỏẲp tin POT; ngặ̀ỏằi dỏằch lẪ m viỏằc vỏằi
       tỏẲp tin PO chuỏẲân; vẪ  po2debconf tỏẲĂo ra mỏằt tỏẲp tin mỏẲôu ẤẪÊ
       trỏằn cẪ́ cẪạng cỏẲƠu trẪẲc.

       Chặ̀ặĂng trẪơnh debconf-gettextize ẤẪÊ Ấặ̀ỏằÊc thiỏẲẴt kỏẲẴ ban ẤỏẲĐu
       Ấỏằ giẪẲp nẪÂng cỏẲƠp lẪên bỏẲÊn thỏằâc hiỏằn mỏằi.

       o NẪ́ Ấỏằc mỏằt danh sẪĂch cẪĂc tỏẲp tin chỏằĐ vẪ  cẪĂc bỏẲÊn dỏằch
         tặ̀ặĂng ỏằâng, rỏằi tỏẲĂo ra cẪĂc tỏẲp tin po/*.po cho mỏằi ngẬ̃n
         ngỏằẰ sang ẤẪ́ chuỏằi ẤẪÊ Ấặ̀ỏằÊc dỏằch.

       o Each input file receives an ".old" suffix, and a new master file
         overwrites the old one; it is identical to the previous master file
         except that an underscore is prepended to translatable fields.
         Developers can then choose which fields translators have to work on
         and which ones are skipped because their values are not

       o TỏẲp tin po/ cỀâng Ấặ̀ỏằÊc tỏẲĂo. NẪ́ chỏằâa danh sẪĂch
         cẪĂc tỏẲp tin templates nẪên Ấặ̀ỏằÊc debconf-updatepo xỏằ lẪẵ.

       Typically the debconf-gettextize program must be run only once when
       transforming from the first implementation to the "po-debconf" format,
       but it can also be used afterwards to transform a "_Choices" field into
       "__Choices" (or vice-versa) without losing translations, when using the
       "--merge" flag (alongside with "--choices" or not).  The desired
       template containing the "_Choices" or "__Choices" fields to modify has
       to be copied into a temporary template file, which is passed to
       debconf-gettextize as an argument.  Then the following steps are

       1. po2debconf Ấặ̀ỏằÊc chỏẲĂy trẪên tỏẲp tin mỏẲôu nẪ y Ấỏằ tỏẲĂo ra
          mỏằt tỏẲp tin mỏẲôu ẤẪÊ dỏằch.

       2. TỏẲp tin mỏẲôu ẤẪÊ dỏằch thẪơ Ấặ̀ỏằÊc xỏằ lẪẵ nhặ̀ nẪ́i trẪên, vẪ
          cẪĂc tỏẲp tin PO Ấặ̀ỏằÊc tỏẲĂo ra.

       3. TỏẲp tin PO mỏằi tỏẲĂo Ấặ̀ỏằÊc trỏằn vỏằi tỏẲp tin PO ẤẪÊ tỏằn

       Trỏằn cẪĂc tỏẲp tin PO thẪơ mỏằi trặ̀ỏằng kiỏằu "_Choices" phỏẲÊi bỏằ
       thay thỏẲẴ bỏẲ̉ng kiỏằu"__Choices" (hay ngặ̀ỏằÊc lỏẲĂi) trong tỏẲp tin
       mỏẲôu gỏằc trặ̀ỏằc khi chỏẲĂy debconf-updatepo, khẬ̃ng thẪơ cẪĂc bỏẲÊn
       dỏằch mỏằi bỏằ ẤẪĂnh dỏẲƠu Ẩô dỏằch mỏằ Ẩằ.

       -h, --help
           Display a usage summary for the program and exit.

       -v, --verbose
           Xỏằ lẪẵ ỏằ chỏẲẴ Ấỏằ chi tiỏẲẴt (xuỏẲƠt nhiỏằu dỏằẰ liỏằu diỏằn
           tỏẲÊ tiỏẲẴn trẪơnh, hỏằẰu Ẫch Ấỏằ gỏằĂ lỏằi).

           Set directory for PO files.  Default is to search for PO files in
           the po subdirectory below the location of the first master file.

           MỏẲãc Ấỏằnh lẪ  debconf-gettextize thay thỏẲẴ cẪĂc trặ̀ỏằng kiỏằu
           "Choices" bỏẲ̉ng kiỏằu "_Choices".  BỏẲt cỏằ nẪ y thẪơ ghi trặ̀ỏằng
           kiỏằu "__Choices" thay vẪ o ẤẪ́.

           When this flag is set, the strings are merged with existing PO
           files.  The templates files and po/ are not modified.

       The "Default" field is special when template type is "Select" or
       "Multiselect", because a value has to be chosen amongst the English
       list of choices, even for localized values.  Normally this field must
       not be changed, but in rare circumstances localized values are
       meaningful (e.g. to choose the default language of an application).  In
       order to let translators know that this localized "Default" field is
       special, you must by convention call it "_DefaultChoice" instead of

       debconf-updatepo(1), po2debconf(1), debconf-devel(7), po-debconf(7).

         Denis Barbier <>
         Martin Quinson <>

                                  2007-11-05             DEBCONF-GETTEXTIZE(1)