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       xcin - X window Chinese INput XIM server


       xcin [ -d DISPLAY ] [ -h ] [ -m ] [ -r rcfile ] [ -x XIM_name ]


       XCIN  is  an XIM (X Input Method) server which is widely used in Taiwan
       to perform Chinese input  under  X  Window  system.  It  is  originally
       developed  by Edward Der-Hua Liu (Oct. 1994) and many other programmers
       in early days; while now it is supported by the XCIN Project.

       New XCIN design follows the Xi18N standard and  locale  mechanism.  You
       should  have  locale  supported  in your system C library and installed
       before you run xcin.  You also need the libtabe, an input method  table
       library,  and  Berkeley  DB2  library  to run xcin.  XCIN allows you to
       input the  Chinese  characters  to  an  X  client  which  supports  XIM
       mechanism too.

       Currently, XCIN project supports big5 (used in Taiwan), big5hkscs (used
       in Hong Kong) and gb2312 (used in China) character  set/encodings.  The
       input methods currently supported are:

       big5 character set:
              cj simplex phone bimspinyin bimsphone jyutping array30 jyutping0

       big5hkscs character set:
              cj zh_hex

       gb2312 character set:
              pinyin shuangpin jtcj_gb wubizixing phonegb2 array30 zh_hex

              XCIN has been tested and supported  in  the  following  platform
              with different encoding name:

                              $(BIG5):        big5
                              $(BIG5HKSCS):   big5hkscs
                              $(GB2312):      gb2312
                              $(GBK):         gbk

                              $(BIG5):        big5
                              $(GB2312):      euc

                              $(BIG5):        big5
                              $(BIG5HKSCS):   hkbig5
                              $(GB2312):      hp15cn


       [ -h ] : print help message.

       [ -m ] : print the comment of module "mod_name".

       [ -d ] : set X Display.

       [ -x ] : register XIM server name to Xlib.

       [ -r ] : set user specified rcfile.

       [ -U ] : specify the user directory of xcin data.

       [ -D ] : specify the system default directory of xcin data.

       [ -v n ] : set the debug level to n.


       XCIN  searches  the  configuration  file,  the rcfile, in the following

              This is a lisp file in user’s home directory.

              This is another lisp file in user’s home directory.

              This is a system wide configuration file.

              Note that the /etc/xcinrc or /usr/local/etc/xcinrc is set up  by
              configure  script  when you compile the xcin with default prefix


       The rcfile is a lisp program file. The main program global setting are:

              XCIN  default  data directory, which will contain the IM tables,
              IM  modules, and other data files.

              User specified data directory. If it is  not  a  relative  path,
              then  it will start with the user’s $HOME directory.

              The  font  used  to  display  the English IM name (in the right-
              bottom  corner of the xcin main window).

              The foreground color of xcin windows.

              The background color of xcin windows.

              The specially displayed  foreground  color  (e.g.,  the  preedit
              area,  mutiple characters for selection).

              The  specially  displayed  background  color  (e.g., the preedit
              area,  mutiple characters for selection).

              The color of phrases marking underline of xcin windows.

              The grid color of xcin windows.

              The size and position of xcin main window.

              Open the xcin 2nd main window or not? Because in the OverTheSpot
                input_style,  all  the preedit information are moved into the
              OverTheSpot window (the small window appeared near the cursor of
                the  XIM client), so the original xcin main window seems to be
              too  large and waste a lot of space of the  disktop.  Therefore,
              if  the    xcin  2nd  main window is opened, then in the English
              input mode or  the OverTheSpot input_style, xcin  will  use  the
              smaller  2nd  main  window to display necessary information. But
              when  the  Root  input_style    is  enabled,   the   xcin   will
              automatically switch to the original main  windown.

              The size and position of xcin 2nd main window.

              Hide xcin window when English input mode or not?

              Disable  the facility such that the Window Manager can terminate
              xcin  through WM protocol or not?

              Disable the IC checking facility or not? This facility can check
              the  ICs and windows of all the XIM clients periodically.

              Let  all  the  XIM clients to share the same IM data structer or
              not.   The default is NO, i.e., the IM data structer of each XIM
              client    are  distinct,  so the IM status of each XIM client is
              independent.   If set this option  to  YES,  then  all  the  XIM
              clients will have the  same IM status.

              Start the IM focus facility when running xcin. See the following
              for  details.

              Keep the position of the xcin window or not? If this  option  is
              opened,    then  xcin  window will automatically appeared on the
              disktop when we  switch between the virtual disktops. Also  when
              we move the xcin


              set the file name of "rcfile".

              set  the  character  handling locale, default is "zh_TW.Big5".
              This is depends on what kind of  C  library  you  are  using.
              Please refer to the command "locale -a".

              set the message output locale, default is "C" or "POSIX".   This
              is depends on what kind of C library you  are  using.     Please
              refer to the command "locale -a".

              A usual locale name contains a definite format as following:  If
              the locale is zh_TW.Big5, the value is  xcin.  Otherwise,    the
              value is xcin-$locale
              for example:
              under bash: XMODIFIERS="@im=xcin-zh_CN.GB2312"
                          export XMODIFIERS
              under csh : setenv XMODIFIERS @im=xcin


       locale(1), locale(5), locale(7), localedef(1), setlocale(3)



       XCIN  is  free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under
       the terms of the GNU General Public License as published  by  the  Free
       Software  Foundation;  either  version  2  of  the License, or (at your
       option) any later version.


       XCIN Team.<mailing-list:>

                                  Oct 26 2001                          xcin(1)