Provided by: exif_0.6.15-5_i386 bug


       exif - shows EXIF information in JPEG files


       exif [ OPTION ] file...


       exif   is  a  small  command-line  utility  to  show  and  change  EXIF
       information in JPEG files.

       Most digital cameras produce EXIF files,  which  are  JPEG  files  with
       extra  tags  that contain information about the image. The exif command
       line utility allows you to read EXIF information from  and  write  EXIF
       information to those files.

       exif internall uses the libexif library.


       -i, --ids
              Show IDs instead of tag names

       -t, --tag=tag
              Select tag

              Select IFD

       -l, --list-tags
              List all EXIF tags

       -|, --show-mnote
              Show contents of tag MakerNote

              Remove tag or ifd

       -s, --show-description
              Show description of tag

       -e, --extract-thumbnail
              Extract thumbnail

       -r, --remove-thumbnail
              Remove thumbnail

       -n, --insert-thumbnail=FILE
              Insert FILE as thumbnail

       -o, --output=FILE
              Write output to FILE

              Set value

       -m, --machine-readable
              Output in machine-readable (tab delimited) format

   Help options
       -?, --help
              Show help message

              Display brief usage message


       Here are some examples of the use of exif:

       exif -e picture.jpg
              Extract thumbnail from picture.jpg to picture.jpg.modified.jpg

       exif -t 0x9003 picture.jpg
              Display EXIF tag 0x9003 (DateTimeOriginal)

       exif   --ifd=EXIF   --tag   0x9003   --set-value=’2007:09:17  09:30:55’
              Set  EXIF  tag  0x9003  (DateTimeOriginal)  to  the given value,
              writing the new file to picture.jpg.modified.jpg


       Written by Lutz Mueller <>


                                  2005-03-23                           exif(1)