Provided by: recoll_1.10.2-1_i386 bug


       recollindex - indexing command for the Recoll full text search system


       recollindex -h
       recollindex  [ -c <configdir> ] [ -z ] [ -m ] [ -w <seconds> ] [ -D ] [
       -x ]
       recollindex [ -c <configdir> ] -i <filename [filename ...]>
       recollindex [ -c <configdir> ] -e <filename [filename ...]>
       recollindex [ -c <configdir> ] -l
       recollindex [ -c <configdir> ] -s <lang>
       recollindex [ -c <configdir> ] -S


       The recollindex utility allows you to perform indexing  operations  for
       the Recoll text search system.

       The  -c  option  specifies the configuration directory name, overriding
       the default or $RECOLL_CONFDIR.

       There are several modes of operation.

       The  normal  mode  will  index  the  set  of  files  described  in  the
       configuration  file  recoll.conf.   This  will incrementally update the
       database with files that changed since the last run. If  option  -z  is
       given, the database will be erased before starting.

       If option -m is given, recollindex is started for real time monitoring,
       using the file system monitoring package it was configured for  (either
       fam,   gamin,  or  inotify).  This  mode  must  have  been  explicitely
       configured when building the package, it is not available  by  default.
       The  program  will  normally  detach  from the controlling terminal and
       become a daemon. If option -D is given, it will stay in the foreground.
       Option  -w  <seconds>  can  be  used to specify that the program should
       sleep for the specified time before indexing begins. The default  value
       is  60.  The daemon normally monitors the X11 session and exits when it
       is reset.  Option -x disables this X11 session monitoring (daemon  will
       stay alive even if it cannot connect to the X11 server).

       recollindex -l will list the names of available language stemmers.

       The other modes are useful mainly for testing.

       recollindex  -i will index individual files into the database. The stem
       expansion databases will not be updated.

       recollindex -e will erase data for individual files from the  database.
       The stem expansion databases will not be updated.

       recollindex  -s  will  build  the  stem  expansion database for a given
       language, which may or may not be part of the list in the configuration
       file.  If  the  language  is  not  part  of the configuration, the stem
       expansion database will be deleted during the next normal run. You  can
       get  the  list of stemmer names from the recollindex -m command. At the
       time of this  writbng,  the  following  languages  (abbreviations)  are
       recognized (out of Xapian’s stem.h):

              ·      danish (da)

              ·      dutch (nl)

              ·      english (en) Martin Porter’s 2002 revision of his stemmer

              ·      english_lovins (lovins) Lovin’s stemmer

              ·      english_porter (porter) Porter’s stemmer as described  in
                     his 1980 paper

              ·      finnish (fi)

              ·      french (fr)

              ·      german (de)

              ·      italian (it)

              ·      norwegian (no)

              ·      portuguese (pt)

              ·      russian (ru)

              ·      spanish (es)

              ·      swedish (sv)

       recollindex  -S  will  rebuild  the  phonetic/orthographic  index. This
       feature uses the aspell package, which must be installed on the system.


       recoll(1) recoll.conf(5)

                                8 January 2006                  RECOLLINDEX(1)