Provided by: xserver-xorg-input-synaptics_0.15.2-0ubuntu7_i386 bug


       synclient  -  commandline utitlity to query and modify Synaptics driver


       synclient [-m interval]
       synclient [-hlV?] [var1=value1 [var2=value2] ...]


       This program  lets  you  change  your  Synaptics  TouchPad  driver  for
       XOrg/XFree86  server  parameters  while  X  is  running  if you enabled
       SHMConfig "on" in your XOrg/XFree86 configuration.

       WARNING: This is not secure if you are in an untrusted multiuser
              environment.  All local users can change the parameters  at  any


       -m interval
              monitor  changes  to the touchpad state.  Interval specifies how
              often (in ms) to poll the touchpad state.  Whenever a change  in
              the  touchpad state is detected, one line of output is generated
              that describes the current state of the touchpad.  The following
              data is included in the output.

              time   Time in seconds since the logging was started.

              x,y    The  x/y  coordinates of the finger on the touchpad.  The
                     origin is in the upper left corner.

              z      The "pressure" value.  Pressing the finger harder on  the
                     touchpad  typically  produces  a larger value.  Note that
                     most touchpads don’t measure the  real  pressure  though.
                     Instead,   capacitance  is  usually  measured,  which  is
                     correlated to the contact area between the finger and the
                     touchpad.   Since  more  pressure  usually means a larger
                     contact area, the reported pressure  value  is  at  least
                     indirectly related to the real pressure.

              f      The  number  of  fingers currently touching the touchpad.
                     Note that only some touchpads can report  more  than  one
                     finger.   Generally,  synaptics  touchpads  can, but ALPS
                     touchpads can’t.

              w      The w value is a measurement of the finger  width.   This
                     is only supported by some synaptics touchpads.  Touchpads
                     that can’t measure the finger width  typically  report  a
                     faked  constant  value  when  a  finger  is  touching the

                     The state of the left, right, up, down, middle and  multi
                     buttons.  Zero means not pressed, one means pressed.  Not
                     all touchpads  have  all  these  buttons.   If  a  button
                     doesn’t exist, the value is always reported as 0.

                     Some  touchpads have a "guest device".  This is typically
                     a pointing stick located in the middle of  the  keyboard.
                     Some  guest  devices have physical buttons, or can detect
                     button presses when tapping on the pointing stick.   Such
                     button  events  are  reported  as  "guest  left",  "guest
                     middle" or "guest right".

                     Pointer movements from the guest device are  reported  as
                     relative x/y positions, called gdx and gdy.

       -h     Show detected hardware properties.

       -l     List current user settings.

       -V     Print version number and exit.

       -?     Show the help message.

              Set user parameter var to value.





       To disable EdgeMotionSpeed:

       synclient EdgeMotionSpeed=0

       To monitor touchpad events:

       synclient -m 100


       Peter Osterlund <> and many others.

       This man page was written by Mattia Dongili <>


       Xorg(1), syndaemon(1), synaptics(4)