Provided by: uutraf_1.1-13_i386 bug


       uutraf - UUCP traffic analyzator and cost estimator.


       uutraf  [  -n,--news  ]  [ -N,--nonews ] [ -s host, --hostname host ] [
       logfile statfile ]

       uutraf [ -h,--help ] [ -v,--version ]


       uutraf takes a logfile and a  statfile  produced  by  Taylor  UUCP  and
       displays  information  summaries  from these files.  For each site, the
       following items will be calculated:

       · number of transferred files,
       · size of transferred files,
       · number of transferred mails,
       · size of transferred mails,
       · the combined (total) size of all the above,
       · average character/second rate (received and sent),
       · Up/Down-ratio (uploads/downloads),
       · Efficiency (up- or downloading time/connection time).

       The site-dependent parameters are taken from /etc/uucp/

       These parameters are globally calculated:

       · Start and end period of the logfile file,
       · the totals of the site-dependent values.


              stands for help

              prints out the current version of uutraf and exits.

              Display separate statistics for news articles.

              Do not display separate statistics for news articles.

       -s name,--hostname name
              sets the local hostname to name. The local hostname is shown  in
              the banner of the output (there is normally no need to specify a
              hostname with -s since, it’s  queried  with  the  gethostname(2)
              call.   This  option  is  only  useful  if  you  are  processing
              logfilesandstatfiles from other hosts).


       /etc/uucp/ Cost information about UUCP sites.


       David Frey made the original program.
       Yves Arrouye added modifications.


       uutraf is free software; you can distribute it and/or modify  it  under
       the  terms  of  the GNU General Public License as published by the Free
       Software Foundation.


       The cost estimation is not as exact as  desired;  some  heuristics  are
       hard-coded.   Complex  scenarios, for example retransmissions of partly
       sent files, will be accounted in a wrong way.

       uutraf(1) assumes that calls are only done during one tariffary  period
       (eg. all low rate calls).


       The  original idea and display layout was taken from John Vromans Perl
       script - also named uutraf.


       uutraf(5), uucp(1).