Provided by: xbattbar_1.4.2-5.1_i386 bug


     xbattbar - show battery status in X Window


     xbattbar [-a] [-t thickness] [-p interval] [-I color] [-O color]
              [-i color] [-o color] [top | bottom | left | right]


     xbattbar shows the current (laptop) battery status in the X window
     environment.  Battery status is obtained through the APM kernel module.
     The APM kernel module depends on your UNIX platform, therefore, consult
     your documentation for its detail.

     xbattbar shows its battery status in a simple bar indicator.  -a option
     makes the indicator window keep always on top of your screen.  The
     thickness of the indicator is 3 pixels in default and you can set the
     thickness as a parameter of -t option.  This indicator is appeared in the
     bottom of the display, as its default.  The option top, left, or right
     forces the status indicator to be at the top, left, and right of the
     display, respectively.  Though it’s a default, you can also use buttom as
     the option.

     In the case the AC line is on-line (plugged in), its color of the bar
     indicator consists of "green" and "olive drab" portions.  The "green"
     portion shows its battery charging level.  These colors can be changed by
     -I and -O options.  In the other case (AC line is off-line), the "blue"
     portion of the bar indicator shows the percentage of its remaining
     battery level.  The color conbination for the AC off-line case can be
     changed by -i and -o options.

     xbattbar trys to know its battery status in every 10 seconds in default.
     This is achived by APM polling.  -p option sets the polling interval in

     If the mouse cursor enters in the status indicator, the diagnosis window
     appears in the center of the display, which shows both AC line status and
     battery remaining level.  This diagnosis window disappears if the mouse
     cursor leaves from the status indicator.


     xbatt(1) - an official battery status check command on BSD/OS 3.0, (but
     it’s not fancy).

     xbattbar-acpi(1) - a ligth battery watcher for X11, similar to xbattbar
     but based an acpi.


     Suguru Yamaguchi <>, Akira Kato <>,
     Noriyuki Shigechika <>