Provided by: yodl_2.12.2-1_i386 bug


       yodl2... - miscellaneous Yodl converters


       yodl2... [OPTION]... FILE


       This  manual  page  describes  the  various  shell scripts that convert
       documents in the Yodl language to other formats. The  basic  converters

       o      yodl2html(1): converts to HTML, writes a file with the extension

       o      yodl2man(1): converts to nroff ‘man’ format, writes .man. Can be
              further processed with e.g. nroff -Tascii -man

       o      yodl2latex(1):  converts  to LaTeX output, writes .latex. Can be
              further processed with, e.g., latex file.latex.

       o      yodl2txt(1): converts to plain ASCII, writes  .txt.  This  is  a
              very rudimentary converter, a last-resort.


       The options are identical to those of the yodl(1) program.

       Additionally, the following options are available:

       o      --no-warnings:
              By  default  the  convertors call yodl(1) using the -w flag. The
              option --no-warnings suppresses this flag.

       o      --tmp=<path>:
              By default, the temporary file is written in the /tmp directory.
              Specify  an alternate directory using --tmp = path-to-alternate-

       o      --unique-output:
              By default, yodl will  use  a  temporary  output  file  that  is
              rewritten  at  each  new yodl-invokation. If that’s not what you
              want, specify the  --unique-output  flag,  which  will  use  the
              process-id  as  part  of the temporary output file. This file is
              NOT removed when the yodl-conversion fails.


       Each yodl2format converter requires a file format.yo in Yodl’s  include
       path (e.g., /usr/share/yodl). This file is auto-loaded before FILE (see
       the synopsys) is loaded, to make the conversion to format possible.

       The output is written  to  one  or  more  files  having  the  extension


       yodl(1), yodlpost(1), yodlmacros(7), yodlmanpage(7)


       When the conversion is completed successfully, the converters return 0.
       Otherwise a non-zero exit status is returned.


       None reported


           Please consult the documentation file AUTHORS.txt for more detailed
       information, and contributions.