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       cluster.conf - configuration file for cman, fence, dlm, gfs, rgmanager


       The  cluster.conf file is located in the /etc/cluster directory.  It is
       the source of information used by cman, fence, dlm, gfs and  rgmanager.
       It’s  accessed  indirectly  through  libccs  (see  ccs(7)).   This file
       contains all the information needed for the cluster to operate, such as
       what nodes are in the cluster and how to I/O fence those nodes.

       This  man page describes the generic contents of the cluster.conf file.
       For  other  information  see  man  pages  for  cman(5),  fenced(8)  and

       cluster.conf  is  an  XML  file.   It has one top-level cluster section
       containing everything else.  The  cluster  section  has  two  mandatory
       attributes:  name  and config_version.  name can be up to 16 characters
       long and specifies the name of the cluster.  It is important that  this
       name   is   unique   from   other  clusters  the  user  might  set  up.
       config_version is a number used to identify the revision level  of  the
       cluster.conf  file.   Given  this  information,  your cluster.conf file
       might look something like:

         <cluster name="alpha" config_version="1">

       The set of nodes that  make  up  the  cluster  are  defined  under  the
       clusternodes  section.   A  clusternode  section  defines each node.  A
       clusternode has two mandatory attributes: name and nodeid

       The name should correspond to the hostname (the fully qualified name is
       generally  not  necessary)  on  the  network  interface  to be used for
       cluster communication.  Nodeid’s must be greater than zero and  unique.

         <cluster name="alpha" config_version="1">
                         <clusternode name="node-01" nodeid="1">

                         <clusternode name="node-02" nodeid="2">

                         <clusternode name="node-03" nodeid="3">

       The next step in completing cluster.conf is adding fencing information;
       see fenced(8).


       ccs(7), ccs_tool(8), ccsd(8), cman(5), fenced(8), dlm_controld(8)