Provided by: newsx_1.6-3_i386 bug


       in.hosts - newsx incoming host state


       The in.hosts directory contains the necessary state information for the
       incoming news streams fetched by newsx(8).

       For    each    incoming    news    source,    there    must    be     a
       /var/spool/news/in.hosts/spoolname  file that describes what the latest
       article is that has been fetched from that particular host.

       If you want to get all news articles in all the groups defined at  your
       local server, do nothing and let the file be constructed automatically.
       Other choices, such as using multiple cron(8) entries and newsx(8)  end
       tags  to  control when certain newsgroups are fetched, or using .newsrc
       article numbers to avoid fetching articles you’ve already seen, require
       setting up the in.hosts file for the server by hand.

       The format of this file is simple:

       Blank lines and lines starting with a ’#’ are treated as comments.

       Lines starting with a ’:’ indicate a tag for use with the newsx -e (end
       tag) option.

       Otherwise, each line consists of a newsgroup name and the first  unread
       article  number,  separated  by  whitespace.   No article number is the
       same as zero, meaning that all available articles on the server will be

       It  is  important to realize that there is one unique file belonging to
       each remote newsserver, and that they should not be mixed.

       If switching from reading news via an NNTP newsreader to fetching  with
       newsx,  it  is possible to use an existing .newsrc file directly as the
       initial /var/spool/news/in.hosts/spoolname file.


              Incoming host state file.  There should  be  one  of  these  per
              external news server.

              Incoming spool, temporary (while news is being pulled).

              Previous generation of the external host state file.

       Standard  profile  for  specific newsspool.  See newsx.conf(5) for file


       Egil Kvaleberg <>