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       mdbDir - List of data in a database directory.


       The m17n library loads a list of definitions of data of the m17n
       database from files of name ’mdb.dir’ in each database directory at
       initialization time. The plist format of this file is as follows:


       DEFINITION ::= ’(’ TAG0 [ TAG1 [ TAG2 [ TAG3 ] ] ] FILE [ VERSION ]’)’

       TAGn ::= SYMBOL

       FILE ::= MTEXT

       VERSION ::= MTEXT

       If TAG0 is neither ‘charset’ nor ‘char-table’, and TAGn (n > 0) is a
       symbol ‘*’, FILE can contain a wildcard charater, and all files
       matching FILE accoding to the rules used by the shell are the target of
       database files. In that case, each file must contain a plist element
       providing the actual TAGn values by the form:

       ’(’ TAG0 TAG1 TAG2 TAG3 [ VERSION ] ’)’

       For instance, if a database directory contains these files:

       zh-py.mim: (input-method zh py) ...

       ko-han2.mim: (input-method ko han2) ...

       these lines in ’mdb.dir’:

       (input-method zh py "zh-py.mim") (input-method ko han2 "ko-han2.mim")

       can be shortened to this single line:

       (input-method * "*.mim")

       VERSION is a required version number of the m17n library. The format is
       ’XX.YY.ZZ’ where XX is a major version number, YY is a minor version
       number, and ZZ is a patch level.

                                  28 Dec 2007                        mdbDir(5)