Provided by: sfs-client_0.8-0+pre20060720.1-1.1_i386 bug


       sfscd_config - meta-client configuration


       The sfscd_config is really part of the SFS protocol specification.  If
       you change it, you will no longer be executing the SFS protocol.
       Nonetheless, you need to do this to innovate, and SFS was designed to
       make implementing new kinds of file systems easy.

       sfscd_config takes the following directives:

       Extension string
           Specifies that sfscd should send string to all servers to advertise
           that it runs an extension of the protocol.  Most servers will
           ignore string, but those that support the extension can pass off
           the connection to a new ‘‘extended’’ server daemon.  You can
           specify multiple Extension directives.

       Protocol name daemon [arg ...]
           Specifies that pathnames of the form /sfs/name:anything should be
           handled by the client daemon daemon.  name may not contain any non-
           alphanumeric characters.  The Protocol directive is useful for
           implementing file systems that are not mounted on self-certifying
           file systems.

       Release {* | sfs-version}
           Begins a section of the file that applies to servers running SFS
           release sfs-version or older.  * signifies arbitrarily large SFS
           release numbers.  The Release directive does not do anything on its
           own, but applies to all subsequent Program directives until the
           next Release directive.

       Libdir path
           Specifies where SFS should look for daemon programs when their
           pathnames do not begin with /.  The default is
           /usr/local/lib/sfs-0.8pre.  The Libdir directive does not do
           anything on its own, but applies to all subsequent Program
           directives until the next Libdir or Release directive.

       Program prog.vers daemon [arg ...]
           Specifies that connections to servers running Sun RPC program
           number prog and version vers should be handed off to the the local
           daemon daemon.  SFS currently defines two RPC program numbers.
           Ordinary read-write servers use program number 344444, version 3 (a
           protocol very similar to NFS3), while read-only servers use program
           344446, version 2.  The Program directive must be preceded by a
           Release directive.

       The default sfscd_config file is:

         Release *
           Program 344444.3 sfsrwcd
           Program 344446.2 sfsrocd

       To run a different set of daemons when talking to sfs-0.3 or older
       servers, you could add the following lines:

         Release 0.3
           Libdir /usr/local/lib/sfs-0.3
           Program 344444.3 sfsrwcd


           meta-client configuration

       (Files in /etc/sfs supersede default versions in /usr/local/share/sfs.)


       dirsearch(1), newaid(1), rex(1), sfsagent(1), sfskey(1), ssu(1),
       sfs_config(5), sfs_hosts(5), sfs_srp_params(5), sfs_users(5),
       sfsauthd_config(5), sfsrosd_config(5), sfsrwsd_config(5),
       sfssd_config(5), sfs_environ(7), funmount(8), nfsmounter(8),
       sfsauthd(8), sfscd(8), sfsrosd(8), sfsrwcd(8), sfsrwsd(8), sfssd(8),

       The full documentation for SFS is maintained as a Texinfo manual.  If
       the info and SFS programs are properly installed at your site, the
       command info SFS should give you access to the complete manual.

       For updates, documentation, and software distribution, please see the
       SFS website at